A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2624

“I have a measure!” Kai smiled lightly, then looked at Kuang Biao and said “Where are we going to compete?”

“Right here, no need to go to the ring, because against you, one move and half a move is enough, no need to go to the ring for trouble.”

Kuang Biao said confidently!

He had never thought that a disciple who had just joined the sect and worshipped under the Third Elder could be as strong as he was.

“You’re right, one and a half moves is enough, it’s appropriate here!”

Kai said with a faint smile!

With a wave of Kuang Biao’s hand, the crowd all stepped back, making way for a large and spacious area for Kai and Kuang Biao!

Those disciples from the Second Elder’s lineage all had their eyes aglow, wanting to see how their Eldest Brother was going to abuse Kai!

Some other disciples had also arrived at this point, after all, there hadn’t been a bout like this in the Jade Tripod Sect for a long time!

Ever since Kuang Biao had been sent elsewhere, no one in the Jade Tripod Sect had fought within the sect!

Now that something like this had suddenly appeared, many people were curious and excited!

As Kuang Biao looked towards Kai, the aura on his body began to soar, quickly reaching the peak of the Realm of Transformation!

Feeling the aura on Kuang Biao’s body, many of the disciples were quite surprised!

Even that Nie Heng was frowning slightly, because this Kuang Biao’s strength was clearly going to surpass his!

“I’ve been away for so many years, do you all think I’ve gone to sleep? I’ve been cultivating hard every day!”

“I’m returning to the sect this time to break through the Transformation Realm and reach the strength of the Combined Body Realm with the opening of the Pill Pond!”

Kuang Biao was full of arrogance, and these words were clearly meant for Nie Heng’s ears!

“What’s all that nonsense for, don’t you want to defeat me in one and a half moves? I can keep my hands to myself, if you can knock me down within ten moves, you’ll be considered the winner.”

Kai put his hands behind his back!

The reason why Kai chose not to fight was also to avoid revealing his strength too much, before the opening of the Pill Pond, it was better to keep a low profile!

The first time Kuang Biao heard this, he sneered and said, “Kid, you’re really crazy, no need to say ten strokes, three strokes if I can’t beat you to the ground, I’ll be considered a loser, and the supplies of your Third Elder’s lineage will be doubled ……”

“No problem, come quickly, I have other things to do, I’m very busy ……”

Kai said with a faint smile!

The crowd all stared in surprise when they saw that Kai had actually put his hands behind his back and was ready to take on Kuang Biao’s attack hard!

With the strength of a peak of the Transformation Realm, a small mountain would be lost with this punch, who would dare to take it?

“Kid, you’ll regret it ……”

Kuang Biao shouted, instantly rushed to Kai, followed by a whistling fist smashing down towards Kai!

Kai didn’t dodge or dodge, still standing with a calm face, not even activating his Unbreakable Golden Body!

Boom …………

Kuang Biao smashed his fist into Kai’s chest, the tremendous force erupting with a deafening sound!

Kai’s body swayed slightly and his right foot retreated a step backwards, which steadied his stance!

And when Kuang’s fist hit Kai’s chest, it felt like he had hit a steel plate.

Kwong’s right arm trembled gently, and the tremendous recoil caused blood to flow from Kwong’s tiger’s mouth!

“Peak of the Realm of Transformation, not bad it seems, one move already ……” Kai withdrew his right foot, and what seemed like a compliment slapped Kuang Biao’s face like a big slap!

With so many people watching, Kuang Biao being at the peak of the Realm of Transformation, and Kai not moving at all, Kuang Biao had actually failed to injure Kai with a single punch, let alone knock him down!

Everyone looked at Kai in surprise, and that Fang Shu was even more surprised, he only knew that Kai’s alchemy was very impressive, but he didn’t think that his body was also so perverted, a punch from a peak of the Realm of Transformation didn’t even break through the defence and hurt Kai!

“Kid, don’t be arrogant, just now I only used 50% of my power, I didn’t want you to die too ugly, I didn’t expect that your physical body was really strong, but this punch, it won’t make you suffer so well!”

Kuang Biao hurriedly found himself a stage, followed by an outburst of power from his whole body!


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