A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2623

“Brothers, listen to Senior Brother and move in. In our eyes, there can only be one Senior Brother, Senior Brother Kwong.”

The Jade Tripod Sect disciple who had just been beaten shouted and took the lead in moving it!

Seeing this, the others also took action, and the supplies they had just moved out were all moved back in!

Nie Heng looked at this scene, his face turned green with anger, but there was nothing he could do, he couldn’t really do anything, after all, these were the Second Elder’s disciples, if he really did it, the Second Elder wouldn’t agree!

Now that Hu Yixiao wasn’t here, even though Nie Heng was a senior disciple, he didn’t dare to offend the Second Elder too much!

Nie Heng glanced helplessly at Kai, stating that there was nothing he could do, he hadn’t expected Kuang Biao to return at this time either!

Seeing Nie Heng compromise, the corners of Kuang Biao’s mouth lifted slightly, revealing a victorious stance, then he looked at Kai and Fang Shu and said “Remember, if you want supplies in the future, pay proper filial respect to me, I can fix it for you with just one word!”

“What’s the point of getting a loser, you still can’t get any supplies?”

Nie Heng was still trembling slightly with anger as he listened to Kuang Biao’s words!

Fang Shu didn’t say a word, now that Kuang Biao was back and Nie Heng was present, there was no place for him to speak!

Although he was also the Third Elder’s eldest disciple, in the Jade Tripod Sect, their Third Elder’s lineage had the least status.

“We’re just getting back what we deserve, we don’t have to pay filial respect to anyone at all, you better move out the supplies we deserve ……”

Kai said with a calm face as he looked at Kuang Biao!

Kuang Biao froze, then gave Kai a glance and suddenly remembered something and said “I see, you wouldn’t be the big idiot who just worshipped under the third master uncle, would you?”

“You didn’t see what Third Uncle’s lineage was like, how dare you still worship under him, I heard from my master that you were very arrogant during the examination?”

“You can take the supplies if you want, then let me see if you have the ability to do so, what kind of strength can make you ignore my master and be so arrogant during the examination.”

This was a clear meaning from Kuang Biao, this was to take out anger for the Second Elder!

Nie Heng had said a long time ago that this guy was a vengeful master, and he didn’t expect to start targeting Kai just after he returned!

“Are you trying to have a match with me?” Kai said with a faint smile!

“That’s right, do you dare?” Kuang Biao looked at Kai provocatively!

“What’s not to dare, but I’ll say something ugly up front, if I accidentally kill you, it’ll only be your bad luck, I can’t be blamed ……”

Kai laughed!

“Hahahaha, kid, you really are wild, no wonder my master would say that about you.”

Kuang Biao laughed “You don’t have to be responsible for beating me to death, but if I beat you to death, I won’t allow Third Master to find me in trouble either.”

“Of course it’s no problem, we’ll each listen to God’s will!” Kai nodded his head!

“Mr. Chen ……”

Fang Shu gently pulled at the corner of Kai’s coat, he didn’t know Kai’s true strength, so he didn’t want Kai to take the risk!

Kai said with a faint smile “Don’t worry, I can deal with him with one hand!”

It wasn’t that Kai was bragging, he could deal with Kuang Biao with just one hand!

Even the Second Elder, Kuang Biao’s master, would have a hard time defeating Kai if he had to compete with him!

“Mr. Chen, you’d better leave that Kuang Biao alive, or else it will be troublesome later.”

Nie Heng whispered to Kai!

Nie Heng knew Kai’s ability, so he would have no problem dealing with Kuang Biao, but he was afraid that if Kai really killed Kuang Biao, the Second Elder would definitely not be willing to give up.

If that happened, the entire Jade Tripod Sect would be in chaos, and I was afraid that it would not be easy for Kai to enter the Pill Pond later on!


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