A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2621

“Then why do you still follow the Third Elder, and why don’t you order to join the others?”

Kai asked!

“How can that be, as the saying goes, once a day is a teacher, always a father, how can I betray my master for some resources.”

“What’s more, I joined the Jade Tripod Sect and became a medicine master to save those hardship mountain people, nowadays people are too utilitarian, they need money and resources to do everything, but those mountain people are very hard, they don’t have any money or resources at all!”

“We can’t just stand by and watch them die from their illnesses because of that, can we?”

Fang Shu said with a straight face!

Seeing this, Kai gave Fang Shu a somewhat admiring look, in this celestial realm, which was even more profit-motivated than the secular realm, people like Fang Shu were really few and far between!

Soon, it was Kai’s turn to collect the supplies, and Fang Shu hurriedly took a list and walked up to a disciple of the Jade Tripod Sect who looked like he was only about twenty years old!

“Junior Brother, this is our list, take a look …………”

Fang Shu handed over the list, and the young man raised his eyes to look at Fang Shu and asked coldly “The Third Elder’s lineage?”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Fang Shu nodded his head repeatedly!

The other party took the list directly, without even glancing at it, and threw it aside, “You have no supplies to distribute, come back next time.”

When Fang Shu heard this, he was slightly stunned and said, “That’s not true, we have supplies every week.”

“If I say no, then no, are you giving out supplies or am I?”

The young man did not respect Fang Shu in the least and said coldly!

Fang Shu could see at this moment that his heart was full of anger, but he was trying his best to restrain himself!

“Senior brother, if you don’t take a look at it, we’ll definitely have supplies.”

Fang Shu said with a slightly red face from his desperate attempts to restrain himself!

“Don’t shout one mouthful of senior brother, who is your senior brother, if I say no, there is no ……”

“Hurry up and go, don’t get in the way here ……”

The young man waved his hand for Fang Shu to leave quickly!

This time, Fang Shu could not stand it anymore, he went forward and grabbed the other party’s collar and said “Little brat, when I joined the Jade Tripod Sect, you were still f*cking pissing in the mud, give me the supplies ……”

“There’s a fight, there’s a fight, the disciples of the Third Elder’s line are coming over to beat people up and rob supplies ……”

Along with the young man’s shout, many Jade Tripod Sect disciples swarmed over and directly surrounded Fang Shu and Kai!

Seeing that help had come, the corner of that young man’s mouth raised and said “Let go of my hand right now, if you don’t let go, I’ll make sure that you never get the supplies.”

Hearing the other party’s words, the angry Fang Shu could only grit his teeth and slowly let go of his hand!

The people around him were looking at Fang Shu like a joke, their eyes full of mockery!

Seeing this scene, Kai finally knew why the other disciples of the Third Elder were reluctant to come!

“Mr. Chen, let’s go ……”

Fang Shu helplessly turned around and prepared to leave!

But Kai didn’t move, but looked at the young man who was handing out the supplies and asked in a cold voice “You said that the disciples of the Third Elder’s lineage don’t have supplies?”

“Yes, there are none!” The young man nodded his head!

Snap …………

Just as the young man had finished speaking, Kai coldly slapped him across the face!

With Kai’s strength, this slap went over and directly sent that young man flying, with his mouth full of teeth all falling out!

Seeing Kai’s sudden strike, Fang Shu froze, while everyone else looked at Kai incredulously, feeling that Kai was very strange!

The young man who had been hit was covering his face and shouted “How dare you do it, who the hell are you? You won’t be able to leave here today. ……”

As the young man yelled, many people began to gather around Kai, ready to make a move!


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