A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2620

Kai took the note off and only after opening it did he understand that the pretty bird had actually flown from the Demon Emperor City and the note was written by Princess Isha!

The note was written by Princess Isa, telling Kai that the mole monsters from the Demon Emperor City had not visited the village to steal anything, but that it was the mouse monsters from other kingdoms who had done so, and that stealing by mole monsters was not allowed in Ich’s Demon Emperor City!

Since it wasn’t the Demon Emperor City, then it was most likely to be the work of that Ming Li King City’s mole monster. Kai could only pray that the mole monster that stole the God King’s Bow didn’t even know the value of the God King’s Bow!

There was no way he could go directly to Ming Li King City to investigate, so he could only settle the matter with the Jade Tripod Sect and improve his strength before searching for the God King’s Bow!

Kai put the little bird back into flight, then closed the window and cultivated again!

For three days in a row, Kai did not go out of his room, three meals a day were brought to him, and Kai quietly waited for the time to open the Pill Pond!

On this day, Kai was meditating and cultivating as usual, but outside his room, there seemed to be an argument, and the sound of the argument woke Kai up, and he walked out!

Kai saw that all of the Third Elder’s disciples had gathered in the courtyard, just about ten in total, and that Fang Shu was loudly reprimanding these people!

“Why are you all so cowardly, what’s wrong with going with me to the inner part of the sect? You know we are also Jade Tripod Sect disciples, how come going to your own sect scares you all like this?”

Fang Shu roared loudly and angrily!

“Senior brother, it’s not like you don’t know, every time we go, we are bullied and abused like dogs, it’s too humiliating ……”

“That’s right, the last time people threw footwash on me, I didn’t dare to say anything for fear of having the supplies given to us withheld.”

“It’s not that we’re timid, it’s just that we’re too much of a wimp to take that heat ……”

A group of senior students said one thing after another, and some even cried in aggravation, which made Fang Shu sigh, not knowing what to do anymore!

“What’s wrong?” At this moment, Kai walked over!

When he saw Kai coming, Fang Shu hurriedly waved his hand and told the crowd to disperse, then said, “Mr. Chen, it’s nothing, I just asked these guys to go with me to the clan to collect supplies, but no one dares to go.”

“Collecting supplies?” Kai was stunned.

“Yes, although the resources within the sect basically won’t be given to us, but some necessary supplies have to be given to us, we people also need to live.”

“However, the sect rules state that we can only go to the sect once every seven days to collect supplies, because every time we go, we are humiliated by the other elder disciples within the sect, so these guys are not willing to go with me.”

Fang Shu said awkwardly!

“Then I’ll go with you ……,” said Kai!

“No no no, how can Mr. Chen do such a thing, if Master finds out, he will scold me.”

Fang Shu waved his hand repeatedly.

One must know that Kai was the Third Elder’s life-saver, how could he do such menial work!

“It’s alright, I’m here for nothing, I deserve to do some work, let’s go ……”

Kai said as he patted Fang Shu’s shoulder!

Seeing this, Fang Shu could only nod and follow Kai towards the Jade Tripod Sect!

Because they were all Jade Tripod Sect disciples, it was easy for Kai to enter the inner part of the sect. After passing through the outer gate, they arrived at a building, and in the courtyard at the moment, Kai saw quite a few Jade Tripod Sect disciples waiting in line!

“These should all be disciples receiving supplies, but these disciples can come and receive whatever they lack every day, whereas we can’t, we can only come and receive them once every seven days, and there are stipulations on the quantities and categories!”

“We’re both disciples of the Jade Tripod Sect, and ever since that Hu Yixiao became the sect master, we’ve never had a good time!”

Fang Shu said with a sigh, full of complaints!


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