A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2619

“Since it’s done, let him be, and if he wants revenge, then I’ll just wait ……”

Kai smiled lightly, not caring at all!

“Mr. Chen, don’t you live in my mansion? After all, the environment here is much better than down the mountain.”

Nie Heng asked to Kai!

“No, I still prefer to follow the Third Elder around!”

Kai finished speaking and walked towards the outside of the Jade Tripod Sect!

After returning to the Third Elder’s dilapidated house, the Third Elder looked at the inner sect token that Kai had brought back and said in surprise “Mr. Chen, you finished the examination so quickly?”

Kai nodded “The inner sect test is quite simple ……”

“That’s right, this kind of test for outer disciples, how could it be difficult for you.”

“Since you passed the test, then you are considered one of our Jade Tripod Sect, cultivate well here for a few days, and when the Pill Pond opens, I will get you the opportunity.”

“It’s just that I have poor resources here, there’s nothing I can give you, and you’ll have to rely on the spiritual energy of heaven and earth to cultivate.”

The Third Elder said with some regret, after all, Kai had healed his body, and he had nothing to give back to Kai.

“Thank you, Third Elder, it is enough to have access to the Pill Pond!”

“I wonder how Third Elder’s body is doing?”

Kai inquired about Third Elder’s health, the pills he had refined yesterday, if there were no accidents, the toxins in Third Elder’s body should have been removed cleanly!

“My body is much better, the toxins in my body have disappeared, thanks to Mr. Chen’s rescue.”

The Third Elder looked at Kai with gratitude and said.

“The Third Elder is hanging on to the pot to save the world, and deserves to be the one to live a long life, this is also your own creation.”

If Kai had not seen that the Third Elder had a kind heart, he would not have come to his rescue.

The Third Elder smiled lightly, then shouted outwards.

“Fang Shu ……”

Along with the Third Elder’s shout, a young man soon came in!

And this was the same person who had blocked Kai yesterday!

“Master, is there something wrong?”

Fang Shu asked!

“You take Mr. Chen and arrange a place for him, and choose a better room ……”

The Third Elder finished speaking to Fang Shu, then looked at Kai and said “Mr. Chen, this is my eldest disciple Fang Shu, he will be responsible for your food and living in these few days.”

“Thank you, Third Elder!” Kai said as he thanked him!

“Mr. Chen, please follow me ……”

Fang Shu said respectfully to Kai!

Today, Fang Shu’s attitude towards Kai was a hundred and eighty degree change, after all, Kai had saved his master, and Fang Shu was grateful to Kai in his heart!

Moreover, Kai’s alchemy skills had also convinced them, to be able to refine such high grade pills and produce such beautiful dan clouds, not many people in the Jade Tripod Sect were able to do that!

Fang Shu found the cleanest room for Kai and said, “Mr. Chen, you can stay here for now, the conditions are a bit simple, I will send someone to bring you three meals a day, besides, if Mr. Chen wants to go around, I can accompany you.”

“Thank you very much ……”

Kai said a thank you!

After Fang Shu left, Kai sat on his bed with his knees crossed, his Heart Condensing Technique running as he sucked in the spiritual energy of heaven and earth and began to cultivate!

But just after Kai had settled down, he suddenly felt a noise outside his window!

Kai opened his eyes and listened carefully, and found a cooing sound outside the window, like a bird chirping!

Kai sat still, after all, in a place like this, it was only natural for birds to appear!

But the bird seemed to be calling out to Kai, cooing all the time and tapping on the window from time to time with its most!

Seeing this, Kai could only get up and open the window, and found that it was a small bird with colourful feathers, and its eyes were very bright.


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