A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2618

Kai took the pill and walked up to the Second Elder and said, “Look at this pill, is it a fifth-rank pill? Does it comply with the rules?”

The Second Elder was stunned and took the elixir and looked at it carefully, finding that it was indeed a fifth-rank elixir, without the slightest fault!

But it was only a few minutes, and the procedure Kai used to refine the pills was not correct, there was no such thing as throwing the spirit fire into the herbs and burning them directly!

To make an elixir, one needs to boil the herbs to a sticky consistency, then slowly bake the essence of them with the spirit fire, and finally slowly condense the essence together to form the elixir!

To know that this process was very slow and complicated, requiring a step by step approach, but how could Kai save so much time and effort?

“You wouldn’t have hidden this elixir on your person long ago, would you? How could someone refine a fifth-rank elixir so quickly, and how could the procedure not even be right and the elixir come out with a handful of spirit fire?”

The Second Elder insisted that Kai didn’t know any alchemy at all, he had prepared this elixir a long time ago, and now Kai had conjured it up like a trick!

Seeing that the Second Elder insisted on himself, Kai’s mouth corner raised and said “Don’t think that what you can’t do, others can’t do either, you can’t do it because you are stupid, even if you are given the furnace pot and herbs, you may not be able to refine a fifth-rank pill so quickly!”

Kai unceremoniously disliked the Second Elder angrily!

“You …………”

The Second Elder was dumbfounded by Kai’s dislike, and in the end, he was so angry that he threw the pills onto the ground fiercely, no one would be happy to take such low grade pills!

At this moment, the Second Elder regretted a little, he should have known that it would be better to let Kai refine a high grade pill, he thought that Kai was just a newcomer to the Jade Tripod Sect, if he let refine a high grade pill straight away, it would definitely cause dissatisfaction as it would be impossible to accomplish, that was why he let Kai refine a low grade fifth grade pill!

But now, it seemed that Kai not only had a hard qi skill, but his alchemy was also different!

“Am I now considered to have passed the test and become a disciple of the Jade Tripod Sect?”

Kai asked to the Second Elder!

And although the Elder was angry, but this was what he had promised himself, and now that Kai had passed, he couldn’t afford to renege on it!

“Not bad, you are already an inner disciple of the Jade Tripod Sect ……”

After the second elder finished speaking, he directly threw Kai a token, then turned around and left, there was no telling how long he would be embarrassed here if he didn’t leave!

“Mr. Chen, this second senior uncle of mine is small-minded, especially that big disciple of his, Kuang Biao, is a vengeful master, if he knows that you have offended the second senior uncle, this guy will definitely find you in trouble.”

Nie Heng said to Kai!

“What are you afraid of, aren’t you the Jade Tripod Sect’s Eldest Senior Brother? Could it be that that guy isn’t even afraid of you?”

Kai knew that Nie Heng had a high status in the Jade Tripod Sect, and with Nie Heng around, would anyone else dare to find trouble with him?

Nie Heng blushed slightly and said “This Kuang Biao is indeed not afraid of me, he always says that I have stolen his position of Eldest Brother and has been fighting with me for the position of the future heir of the Jade Tripod Sect.”

“What’s going on?” Kai was stunned!

After Nie Heng’s explanation, Kai then understood that this Kuang Biao had worshipped Second Elder earlier than Nie Heng, only after Nie Heng had worshipped Hu Yixiao, Hu Yixiao had become the Patriarch, then Nie Heng’s status had followed his own master and had risen to become the Jade Tripod Sect’s Eldest Brother!

It was a pity that he had worshipped the Second Elder and not Hu Yixiao, otherwise Nie Heng would not have been able to take the position of Eldest Brother of the Jade Tripod Sect!

So this Kuang Biao had always despised Nie Heng, and he also called himself the Senior Brother of the Jade Tripod Sect, but in order to prevent the two from fighting within the sect, he sent that Kuang Biao out, so that there would be fewer opportunities to meet, and less conflict!


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