A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2617

“You did pass the test, but only this kind of test is passed, although I don’t know what kind of hard qigong you practice that can make you invulnerable to swords and spears, but if you think that becoming an inner disciple of our Jade Tripod Sect is so simple, you are wrong!”

“All of our Jade Tripod Sect disciples are pill masters, and each is able to refine pills, so if you want to become an inner disciple of the Jade Tripod Sect, you can’t just rely on your brute strength, you need to be able to refine pills to do so.”

“I won’t make things difficult for you, all you need to do is refine a fifth-rank pill within an hour and I can issue you a token, allowing you to become a true inner disciple of the Jade Tripod Sect!”

The Second Elder said to Kai!

“Second Senior Uncle, since when did the inner sect examination add an alchemy section?”

Nie Heng asked, puzzled!

Because there had never been this section before, why was alchemy suddenly added today?

“When was it added, do I have to inform you? I’m the head of the examination, I can add whatever link I want!”

The Second Elder was already in a bad mood, and now he was scolding Nie Heng, venting his anger!

Nie Heng didn’t say anything as he was scolded, but Kai could tell that this Second Elder was clearly making things difficult for him!

But refining pills was a piece of cake for Kai, and this was a low grade fifth grade pill, Kai could do it with his hands!

“No problem, I can refine pills.”

Kai opened his mouth and said!

“Good, I will order someone to bring the furnace pot and herbs, but the time is only one hour, so you take care of it yourself.”

The Second Elder said with the corner of his mouth raised!

“There’s no need to go to that much trouble, what’s the point of using a furnace censer for a mere low grade fifth rank pill.”

“As for this medicinal herb, it’s all over the mountains here, just picking a little at random will be enough.”

Kai stopped the Second Elder and said!

The Second Elder was slightly stunned, and then his brow furrowed as he said, “Kid, this is alchemy, you can’t just rampage through it and refine it just because you have a hard qi power, you have to think clearly?”

“Think clearly, if I can’t practice a fifth-grade dan within ten minutes, I’ll withdraw myself.”

Kai said indifferently.

“Good, I’d like to see how you can practice a fifth-rank elixir without using a furnace pot and herbs, and you still want to refine it in ten minutes, it’s just a fool’s dream.”

The Second Elder was all amused by Kai’s arrogant look!

One must know that alchemy was different from other tests to break through, even if you had all the skills, if you didn’t know the alchemy techniques and knowledge, there was no way to refine a pill!

Kai didn’t bother with that Second Elder, but looked around and found a broken tile jar not far away, but the bottom wasn’t broken, so it could still be used!

Kai then looked at the mountain wall to one side, followed by a leap and grabbed a handful of herbs off the mountain wall with his hand.

After dropping the herbs into the tile jar, Kai blew with one finger and a spirit fire began to dance at the tip of Kai’s finger.

Kai then threw the spirit fire into the tile jar, and the herbs in the jar burst into flames.

When the Second Elder saw that Kai was actually refining pills so casually, he could not help but let out a cold laugh, he did not believe that he could refine a fifth-rank pill like this.

Not to mention the fifth-rank pills, even an ordinary small pill could not be made here.

Just as the Second Elder was smiling coldly, waiting to see Kai’s joke, suddenly the tile pot seemed unable to withstand the heat and burst open!

The sudden explosion startled the Second Elder!

After seeing the exploding tile jar, the Second Elder was slightly stunned and then laughed out loud, “Hahahaha, have you been bragging too much? Now that the pot has exploded, I’ll see what else you can use to make pills!”

Kai only smiled faintly and ignored the Second Elder, instead he walked over to the exploding tile jar and slightly bent down to take out an elixir from inside the broken jar!


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