A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2616

Walking into the examination place, Kai looked around and found that the formation was just a simple attacking formation, which would not be too strong, so Kai did not care and walked straight ahead!

Just after Kai took a few steps, several spiritual lights suddenly appeared in mid-air, and then these spiritual lights kept shooting towards Kai!

Kai simply glanced at them, a cold smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, and he walked straight ahead, not caring about those spiritual lights at all!

Whoosh whoosh …………

One by one, the spiritual lights struck Kai, but surprisingly, they were all bounced away, not causing any damage to Kai at all!

Kai hadn’t even unleashed his Invincible Golden Body, with his strong physical body alone, these simple offensive formations would not have been able to hurt Kai at all!

If these spiritual lights could injure Kai, then none of the outer disciples who had come to take the examination would be able to pass!

At this moment, outside the examination place, a smooth stone slab mapped out Kai’s situation at the examination place, this was also to prevent anyone from cheating!

When the Second Elder saw that Kai had actually ignored those attacking spells and walked forward idly, his entire body was stunned!

His mouth was open and his face was full of disbelief!

He knew that many disciples had failed to pass this first level, which tested the flexibility of movement, and did not allow them to use their physical bodies to resist these attacks, but to dodge them!

Now Kai ignored the attacks and walked straight ahead, the Second Elder had never seen such a way to pass the level!

When Nie Heng saw this scene, he wasn’t surprised in the slightest, he had experienced how strong Kai’s physical body was!

“Damn, this kid is really evil ……”

The Second Elder said, then a white light struck into the formation of that examination place!

He was adjusting the difficulty level of the test, making it harder and the attack of the formation a little stronger!

If he didn’t have these means to manipulate the test, who would secretly give him gifts!

“Second Senior Uncle, what are you ……”

Seeing this, Nie Heng hurriedly tried to stop the Second Elder!

“Shut the hell up and get out of the way, this has not been your master’s disciple, what are you meddling in.”

The Second Elder glared at Nie Heng, scaring him back!

But even though the Second Elder had raised the test’s does to the maximum, Kai still rampaged all the way through, ignoring it at all!

And those formation attacks, hitting Kai, were just like scratching an itch, such simple spell formations, even if they were being adjusted, how much more powerful could they be?

In the dumbfounded expression of the Second Elder, Kai turned around in the examination ground and walked out, then shook the dust from his body and said “Alright, it’s through, no more than ten minutes, right?”

The second elder was still in shock and did not react, but Nie Heng hurriedly said “No, no, it only took eight minutes ……”

“Does this count as passing the test? Am I already a disciple of the Jade Tripod Sect?”

Kai asked!

“Theoretically yes, just …………”

Nie Heng didn’t finish his sentence and looked at the Second Elder on the side!

Because only when the Second Elder nodded and issued the Jade Tripod Sect Inner Disciple token would they be considered official Jade Tripod Sect Inner Disciples and enjoy the various benefits of the Jade Tripod Sect!

“Second Elder, is this test considered to have passed?”

Nie Heng asked to the dumbfounded Second Elder!

“Huh?” The Second Elder was startled awake, and after giving an ah-dao, he nodded his head “It’s considered passed ……”

“Since we’ve passed, I’ll leave ……”

Kai intended to go down the mountain to find the Third Elder, he wanted to find out about the Jade Tripod Sect’s Hidden Medicine Pavilion!

“Wait a minute ……”

Just as Kai turned around to leave, the Second Elder suddenly called out to him.

“Haven’t I passed the test? What else is going on?”

Kai asked!


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