A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2615

“Not bad, your boy has a pretty high awareness.” The Second Elder praised Nie Heng, then looked at Kai and said, “What’s your name?”

“Kai!” Kai said indifferently!

“Since you want to join our Jade Tripod Sect, why don’t you worship under my senior brother, but my third senior brother?”

The Second Elder asked curiously!

After all, Hu Yixiao was now the sect master, who wouldn’t want to worship under Hu Yixiao, that way their status in the Jade Tripod Sect could be quite high!

The Third Elder lived in a difficult place and had no resources for his disciples, so apart from the few loyal disciples who had followed him, there was no one who would worship under the Third Elder!

“I will worship whoever I like, where is the reason ……”

Kai said with a calm face!

The Second Elder was stunned, he didn’t expect Kai to speak to him in such a tone, after all, the disciples who came to take the examination were all respectful to him and would secretly send him gifts!

Now, even if this Kai didn’t send gifts, he dared to speak to him in such a tone, he was simply too reckless!

“Good boy, you have the arrogance of a young man, but arrogance is useless, the test is a strength required, whether you can pass the test or not depends on your fate.”

The second elder finished with a cold smile on his face, then took out a token and handed it to Kai, “This is the test token, it’s for protecting your life, if the test is in danger, you can crush the token and someone will naturally save you!”

“If you die inside, you will have nothing to do with the Jade Tripod Sect.”

Kai looked at the token in the second elder’s hand, but did not reach out to take it, but said indifferently “I don’t need this test token, if my life is really in danger, it is because I am too weak, even if I die inside, it has nothing to do with the Jade Tripod Sect!”

“Good, have backbone, I haven’t seen such a young man with backbone for a good time, I hope you won’t let me down ……”

Although the Second Elder was praising Kai, there was however a touch of coldness in his eyes!

The second elder waved his hand, only to see a white light hit the examination site, and soon the formation of the examination site slowly opened.

“Go in ……” said the second elder!

Kai walked towards the examination venue and just as he was about to enter, he suddenly stopped!

“What? Regretting?” The Second Elder saw that Kai had stopped, and asked!

“I just wanted to ask about the time limit for this examination.”

Kai said!

“Ten hours, if you are able to come out within ten hours, then the assessment will be considered successful.”

“After you go in, I’m going to sleep, without the test token, there won’t be anyone who can go in and save you if you’re in danger.”

The Second Elder said in a cold voice!

“I was going to ask, is there a rule on how long the minimum time is?”

Kai asked!

“A minimum time rule?” The Second Elder froze, then understood Kai’s intention and sneered “Kid, you haven’t even entered yet, don’t ask so many questions yet, let me tell you, since I took over this assessment ground, there’s only one disciple who can pass in three hours, and that’s Nie Heng!”

“You don’t think you’re stronger than Nie Heng, do you? I’ve seen arrogant disciples who took the test, but they all ended up folding inside, so I advise you to keep a low profile, or save yourself some face.”

Hearing the Second Elder’s words, Kai smiled lightly “Face is earned, not saved, ten minutes at most, I don’t think you should go to bed at this point.”

Kai finished speaking and walked straight into the formation of the examination!

Looking at Kai’s disappearing back, the second elder stood for a moment and said “Nie Heng, this guy is the oddball your third senior uncle found from somewhere, simply too crazy ……”

“I …… don’t know either ……”

Nie Heng swallowed his saliva and said!

But Nie Heng knew that perhaps Kai wasn’t arrogant, but that Kai really had that ability!


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