A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2614

Nie Heng listened and bowed his head, not knowing how to answer!

“You two are really the same in nature, you can’t take a step when you see a woman. If you go on like this, you will sooner or later be overtaken by your Third Uncle!”

The Second Elder saw that Nie Heng didn’t say anything and kept on counting!

“Second senior uncle is right, I’ll work hard on my training.”

Nie Heng hurriedly said!

“En, go back, and bring the people to the examination ground tomorrow on time, but success or failure, it’s just one chance.”

The Second Elder said.

“I understand!” Nie Heng nodded, then turned around and left!

Back at the residence, Nie Heng said to Kai “Mr. Chen, I’ve already greeted the Second Elder, the test will be ready tomorrow, I’ll take you to the test site now!”

Kai nodded, he also wanted to take a look around the Jade Tripod Sect, to see what was so special about it!

Kai got up and followed Nie Heng out, because he was followed by Nie Heng, so no matter where they went, no one would stop them!

It was clear that Nie Heng’s status as a great disciple was very useful in the Jade Tripod Sect!

Soon, Nie Heng brought Kai to a secluded place in the Jade Tripod Sect!

“Mr. Chen, up ahead is the examination hall for the test, it’s all just some basic tests, with your strength, you’ll easily pass ……”

Nie Heng said as he pointed to an area in front of him that was barricaded by a formation!

Kai thought about it, if this inner sect test was too harsh and even he couldn’t pass it, then I’m afraid that the entire Jade Tripod Sect wouldn’t even want to have inner disciples!

“Is there a time requirement for this test?”

Kai asked as he turned to Nie Heng.

“There are requirements, the maximum time cannot exceed ten hours, and if it doesn’t come out in ten hours, then it’s a failure.”

“It is possible to give up midway, after all, it is also very dangerous inside, if one’s life is in danger, one can crush the test token and someone will bring the examiner out then!”

Nie Heng explained!

“Understood, let’s go back ……”

Kai nodded, then followed Nie Heng back!

After spending a day at Nie Heng’s residence, the next day, Nie Heng took Kai to the examination venue early in the morning!

At this time, the Second Elder hadn’t come yet, so Kai and Nie Heng could only wait!

But after waiting for about an hour, that Second Elder hadn’t even arrived yet, which made Kai a little anxious!

Seeming to see that Kai was a bit anxious, Nie Heng hurriedly said, “Mr. Chen, this Second Elder is like this, he is not very capable, but he has a lot of power in the Jade Tripod Sect, he controls all the examinations, no one dares to offend him, and he even surreptitiously sends him gifts, that’s why he is not slow.”

When Kai heard this, he could only wait helplessly.

After another ten minutes, only to see an old man wearing a gorgeous green-shirt robe, holding a purple sand pot in his hand, drinking tea and humming a little tune walked over!

“Second Senior Uncle, you’re here ……”

Seeing this, Nie Heng rushed to welcome him!

“En.” The Second Elder gave a hmmm, then gave Kai a glance and said “Is this the person who took the test?”

“Yes, that’s him!” Nie Heng nodded his head and said!

“Since you were able to bring him here, it seems that your master has a high regard for this young man.”

The Second Elder said indifferently!

“Second Senior Uncle, this is to worship under Third Senior Uncle, not my master.”

Nie Heng hurriedly explained!

“Worship Third Master?” The Second Elder was slightly stunned, then filled with curiosity, “Since you’re worshipping under your Third Senior Uncle, why did you bring it with you? You brat wouldn’t want to change your master’s sect while your master is away, would you?”

“Second Senior Uncle is joking, Master once instructed me that even if I worship under Third Senior Uncle, then I am still a disciple of our Jade Tripod Sect, and as the Eldest Senior Brother, I am supposed to do so!”

Nie Heng laughed dryly twice and said!


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