A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2613

“Looks like you’re having a good time in the Jade Tripod Sect ……”

Kai said with a faint smile!

“Mr. Chen is joking, these outer disciples are all trying to go through a shortcut, through my connections, so they can pass the test, learn from a master and become inner disciples!”

“It’s just that this rule was set by the Jade Tripod Sect’s old ancestor, how can I, a great inner disciple, change it, in fact, to enter the ranks of inner disciples is to improve one’s strength and pass the examination before one can do so.”

Nie Heng said awkwardly!

“Since you don’t have that ability, wouldn’t these outer sect female disciples be letting you play with them for nothing?”

Kai asked in disbelief!

Since Nie Heng had no way to change the rules, why were these female disciples still throwing themselves at each other?

“It can’t be considered playing for nothing, even if they can’t become inner disciples, but there are some resources that I can still have the right to allocate, so I can allocate them some more ……”

Nie Heng hurriedly explained!

Kai laughed and didn’t say anything else, following Nie Heng for ten minutes and passing through a mountain gate once again, which was considered to be entering the inner gate of the Jade Tripod Sect, where the buildings were obviously more opulent than outside!

Moreover, there were disciples guarding the inner gate, so there was no way for the outer disciples to get inside!

Nie Heng brought Kai to the top of the mountain before stopping, then pointed to the buildings on the top of the mountain and said, “Up there is where my Master and Second Uncle live and train, my residence is below them.”

Nie Heng took Kai into his own luxurious residence, for a great inner disciple like Nie Heng, he had someone to wait on him!

“Mr. Chen, you can rest here with me now while I go and make contact about the examination, but I also hope that Mr. Chen won’t move around while I’m away so as not to cause unnecessary misunderstandings and trouble.”

“If Mr. Chen feels bored, I can call a few female outer disciples over to keep you company, they’re all good looking and have great bodies.”

Nie Heng said to Kai!

After all, in Nie Heng’s heart, he thought that all men would be unable to escape women, as the saying goes, what man isn’t horny?

“No need, you’d better hurry up and help me with the examination, I’m not comfortable staying here, it’s better to be down the mountain!”

Kai didn’t want to stay here much, he wanted to go down the mountain and stay with the Third Elder!

Although the place was opulent and very luxurious, the atmosphere was bad, all the disciples were like robots , especially those who served Nie Heng, each with expressionless faces, like the walking dead.

“Mr. Chen wait a moment, I’ll go and talk to Second Master Uncle about the examination, the Inner Sect examination is all in the hands of Second Master Uncle.”

Nie Heng finished speaking and left with quick steps!

Kai didn’t walk around either, he didn’t want to attract the attention of others either, after all, he didn’t really want to join the Jade Tripod Sect when he came here!

Nie Heng walked quickly to the top of the mountain, went to one of the buildings, and shouted “Second Senior Uncle, disciple Nie Heng requests an audience ……”

“Come in ……”

An old voice rang out!

Nie Heng walked into the room and saluted the Second Elder “Second Senior Uncle, there is a person who wants to join our Jade Tripod Sect and directly enter the inner sect to worship the master, so I would like to take a test!”

“If you want to take the inner sect test, let’s talk about it tomorrow, it’s too late today.” The Second Elder waved his hand and then asked, “Nie Heng, have you just returned from down the mountain?”

“Yes, I’ve just returned from under the mountain!” Nie Heng nodded his head!

“Let me ask you, did you see the Dan clouds suddenly appear at your Third Senior Uncle’s place just now?”

The Second Elder asked!

“I saw it, and that Dan cloud was also very beautiful, it should have been produced by a high grade elixir that was refined.”

Nie Heng said!

“Not bad, I think so too, I really didn’t expect your Third Senior Uncle’s alchemy to improve really much.”

“You guys need to work hard too, don’t put all your energy into women, all those female disciples in the outer sect have been played with by you, right?”

The Second Elder’s face suddenly turned cold and said!


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