A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2612

Kai glanced at the Third Elder, while the Third Elder nodded and said, “It is indeed true that you need to pass the inner sect test before you can choose who to worship under, if you do not pass the inner sect test, you are not qualified to enter the Jade Tripod Sect to worship.”

When Kai saw that the Third Elder said the same thing, he waved his hand and said, “Go wait outside, I will help the Third Elder to get well before entering the sect with you!”

Nie Heng nodded and then retreated.

Kai put the herbs into the divine Nong Cauldron and punched a spirit fire into the cauldron, which soon burst into flames!

A pleasant aroma began to waft outwards from inside the Shennong Cauldron!

Seeing Kai’s different way of alchemy, the Third Elder acted shocked, but since Kai had even taken out the Shennong Cauldron, there was no doubt in the Third Elder’s mind about Kai’s alchemy!

After about an hour or so, the flames inside the Shennong Cauldron gradually went out and a brownish-green elixir appeared inside the Cauldron!

Kai took the elixir out “Third Elder, take this elixir and then recuperate for some days, the toxins in your body will be expelled from your body ……”

The third elder took the elixir in Kai’s hand and carefully examined it, but he did not see anything special about it, and the aura inside the elixir was not particularly strong, it did not want to be a miracle pill, so how could it cure the toxins in his body?

“Look, Dan Yun, Dan Yun has appeared ……”

Just as the Third Elder was wondering, suddenly someone outside shouted!

The Third Elder followed Kai out of the room and found quite a few disciples looking up at the sky!

Only to see that in the sky, a colourful Dan cloud was emitting an alluring glow!

“What a beautiful Dan cloud, how did a Dan cloud appear here? Could it be that someone within the clan has practiced a high-grade dan pill?”

The Third Elder looked at the Dan cloud in the air and said in amazement!

“Third Senior Uncle, my master is not in the clan, who else can refine high grade pills? I’m afraid that Second Senior Uncle’s alchemy skills are not even as good as mine.”

Nie Heng also said as he tilted his head and looked at the Dan clouds in the air!

The Third Elder was also full of doubt, but soon the Third Elder seemed to think of something and jerked his gaze towards the dan pills in his own hands, then looked at Kai in shock!

“Could this …… dan cloud be …………”

The Third Elder looked at Kai in shock, his speech was incoherent!

Kai only smiled faintly, not admitting or denying it!

But the Third Elder had already understood that this Dan cloud was created by Kai’s freshly made pills!

Seeing this, the Third Elder swallowed the elixir without hesitation!

To be able to produce such a beautiful dan cloud, then this dan pill that Kai had refined was by no means an ordinary product!

At this moment, within the Jade Tripod Sect’s sect, the Second Elder tilted his head to look at the dilapidated house, looking at the colourful Dan clouds on the house, he could not help but frown and said “Third Senior Brother’s alchemy has actually progressed so rapidly, to be able to produce such beautiful Dan clouds, it seems that we need to talk to Senior Brother about this matter!”

After Kai had finished refining the pills for the Third Elder, he followed Nie Heng into the Jade Tripod Sect’s mountain gate!

Because Nie Heng was leading the way, there was no one stopping him along the way!

After entering the Jade Tripod Sect’s mountain gate, there were quite a few buildings on both sides, where all the outer disciples of the Jade Tripod Sect lived. These Jade Tripod Sect disciples were not able to worship their masters, and could only do the dirtiest and most tiring work in the Jade Tripod Sect, hoping that one day they would succeed in the examination and become inner disciples!

When these outer disciples saw Nie Heng, they were all very respectful, and there were even quite a few female disciples among them who took the initiative to follow Nie Heng and make out with him as if no one else was around!

It looked like Nie Heng really did have a high status in the Jade Tripod Sect, and was enjoying himself, but because Kai was there, Nie Heng could only drive all those female disciples away!


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