A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2611

“Third Elder, is it possible that all you need to enter the Pill Pond is a quota? And what exactly is this Pill Pond?”

Kai asked to the Third Elder!

“Of course not, to enter the Pill Pond, you also need to go through a test, but with your strength, you should be able to pass it easily.”

“As for what this Pill Pond is, I’m not really sure, but according to the ancient records of our Jade Tripod Sect, this Pill Pond was the place where the Jade Tripod Sect’s old ancestors washed their pills and refined their pills back then, and after years and years of accumulation, the Pill Pond has a large amount of spiritual energy inside, and this spiritual energy is a hundred times stronger than the spiritual energy of heaven and earth.”

“However, every time the Pill Pond is opened, there is a limit to the time of immersion.”

The Third Elder explained to Kai!

“There’s a limit? Is it because they are afraid of absorbing all the spiritual energy within the Pill Pond?”

Kai asked, puzzled.

“Absorbing all of it?” The Third Elder laughed “That medicinal pond has been through thousands of years, the vast ocean of spiritual qi contained within is like an ocean, how could it be absorbed empty.”

“It’s just because the spiritual qi inside is too strong, although it can quickly boost strength, it also has side effects, if the physique is too poor, if you soak in it for a long time, you will directly explode and die.”

“That’s why you have to go through a test, even if you go through a test, you can’t immerse for too long, this has also been experimented with by generations of disciples.”

“In the medicinal pool, the immersion time cannot exceed an hour, otherwise there will be side effects, the lighter the damage to the internal organs, the heavier the death by bursting the body.”

The Third Elder said!

“Could it be that no one can exceed an hour?”

Kai couldn’t believe it, could this stuff be soaked for an hour and still be physically unbearable?

“Of course there is, but it’s very few, according to records, there was a Tai Shang Elder who stayed in the medicinal pool for three hours, he was the one who stayed for the longest time.”

“Today that this Supreme Elder is still alive, no one knows how far his realm has reached, and I have never seen this Supreme Elder!”

As he spoke of this Supreme Elder, the Third Elder’s eyes were filled with respect, seeing the status of this still living Supreme Elder in the Jade Tripod Sect!

Listening to the Third Elder’s words, Kai became even more enthralled with this Pill Pond, now that Kai’s realm was rising, the resources needed increased exponentially, if he only relied on the Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi to cultivate, he was afraid that he would have to cultivate until the end of the monkey’s age to raise a realm!

So if Kai wanted to raise his strength quickly, he would need a lot of spiritual energy and resources, and it seemed that this pill pond was really a good choice!

Just as Kai was following the Third Elder and chatting, Nie Heng came back from fetching the medicinal herbs!

When he saw that Kai was chatting passionately with his Third Elder, he couldn’t help but be a little surprised, just now the two of them were fighting, and in a moment they looked like old friends!

“Put the herbs down, you can go now ……”

Kai said to Nie Heng!

“Aren’t you coming into the sect with me? In order to worship, you still need to go through the inner sect test before you can worship and join the Jade Tripod Sect.”

Nie Heng followed Kai as he spoke about the rules for entering the sect of the Jade Tripod Sect!

Although Nie Heng knew that Kai was just putting on a show, the procedure still had to be followed, he was only a first disciple and couldn’t afford to let Kai skip the procedure!

“I’m not going to worship that Hu Yixiao, I’m going to worship under the Third Elder, so that I’m also considered a Jade Tripod Sect disciple, won’t I also be able to enter the Pill Pond?”

Kai said!

“Yes, you can enter the Pill Pond, but …… but ……”

Nie Heng had a difficult look on his face!

“But what? Hurry up and get out ……” Kai looked at Nie Heng with that look and got a little angry!

“Mr. Chen, even if you are under the Third Master, you still need to take the inner sect test, this is the rule of the Jade Tripod Sect, there’s no way to cancel it.”

Nie Heng said with great difficulty!


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