A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2609

But Kai had a relaxed look on his face, the corner of his mouth lifted slightly, then he slapped out a breath with his palm, which went straight at Third Master Nie Heng!

This slap of Kai’s breath seemed so small and weak in front of the vast and terrifying breath of Third Master Uncle Nie Heng!

But just as the two breaths collided together, that vast and terrifying breath was instantly shattered!

Third Senior Uncle Nie Heng’s face changed and his pupils fiercely shrank as his body couldn’t help but retreat backwards!

When Nie Heng saw this scene, he was shocked, knowing that his Third Senior Uncle’s strength was the third rank of the Harmony Realm, even if Kai was powerful, he was only a Transformation Realm cultivator, so how could he let his Third Senior Uncle suffer a loss so easily?

Nie Heng’s third senior uncle’s face was incomparably cold, and the muscles at the corners of his eyes were contracting.

“No wonder that Hu Yixiao dared to let you come, so there is another expert, but at such a young age and with such strength, you can indeed take a place in the Jade Tripod Sect.”

“It’s just a pity that you followed that Hu Yixiao, you will never be able to reach the realm of Supreme Selflessness.”

As Third Senior Uncle Nie Heng finished speaking, the aura on his body once again soared!

Kai saw that his opponent still wanted to strike, so he calmly said “If you weren’t poisoned, perhaps I would have avoided you, but now that your entire body is filled with toxins, you won’t be able to help me even if you strike.”

“As for that Hu Yixiao you mentioned, I don’t know him, nor am I one of his disciples, and your Jade Tripod Sect’s medical skills are not even worthy of my shoes.”

Kai’s words made Nie Heng’s Third Master Uncle furious, although he was not used to Hu Yixiao’s behaviour, he was still a member of the Jade Tripod Sect, and when someone insulted the Jade Tripod Sect like that, Nie Heng’s Third Master Uncle was certainly not happy!

“Kid, you’re too arrogant, even if I were to be poisoned, it would still be a matter of raising my hand to kill you!”

As Nie Heng’s Third Senior Uncle finished speaking, a terrifying aura shot up into the sky.

But just as the other party was about to strike, Kai suddenly shook his head!

“You’re poisoned and you still dare to push your spiritual power like that, you’re looking for death ……”

Just as Kai finished his words, he only saw Third Elder Nie Heng spurt out a mouthful of fresh blood!

The forced exertion of spiritual power caused Third Elder Nie Heng’s face to turn pale, and he became rushed with each other.

“Third Senior Uncle?”

Seeing this, Nie Heng hurriedly went forward to help!

Kai also stepped forward and seized the other party’s pulse, followed by tapping him three times on the chest!

Soon, Nie Heng’s Third Senior Uncle’s face slowly recovered and his breathing began to calm down!

“I’ve protected your heart and veins and can save your life for now, to truly live, you must force out the toxin before you can live.”

Kai said!

When Nie Heng’s Third Uncle saw Kai’s hand to save himself, he didn’t have the hostility he had just felt, he just shook his head slightly and said “It’s useless, I can’t even cure this poison myself, so others can’t cure it.”

Nie Heng’s Third Uncle was a pharmacist himself, and a senior pharmacist at that, so even if he couldn’t cure his own poison, no one else would be able to!

“This poison of yours is hard to cure, but I have a solution, I’ve said it long ago, your Jade Tripod Sect’s medical skills are as good as rubbish in front of me.”

Kai said in no uncertain terms!

Although Nie Heng’s Third Master Uncle was displeased, he didn’t say anything else!

“Nie Heng, I’ll tell you a few herbs, go get them for me immediately ……”

Kai said to Nie Heng!

“Kai, aren’t you …… going to follow me into the sect to worship? Didn’t we both agree …………”

Nie Heng followed what Kai had discussed, having Kai offer up his treasures and then worship Hu Yixiao as his master, just so he could penetrate inside the Jade Tripod Sect and enter the Pill Pond to improve his strength, and also to help Nie Heng take the position of Jade Tripod Sect master!

“I told you to find the medicine, where’s all that nonsense ……”

Kai said with a frown!

Nie Heng’s body trembled, not daring to say anything else, he could only follow Kai’s instructions and go find the herbs!


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