A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2608

When Nie Heng was ignored, he was furious and his aura rose up and he was about to make a move, but he was stopped by Kai!

“As the saying goes, a healer carries benevolence in the world, in the eyes of a healer there are only patients, there are no other identities, do you still distinguish between different identities when you see patients and save them? If that is the case, then I will not look at this illness today ……”

Kai deliberately raised his voice and said loudly!

Just as Kai finished his words, only to hear a mellow voice coming from within the room.

“A good healer waies the world, let them in ……”

The young man could only helplessly hide to the side as the vicissitudes of the voice came through!

Kai followed Nie Heng into the room, Kai had just walked into the room when he saw a stooped old man, wearing a robe that could no longer be seen in colour, with a white beard and a few hints of fatigue in his eyes!

When Kai saw Nie Heng’s Third Master Uncle, he was a little surprised, it looked like Nie Heng’s Third Master Uncle was much older than his master.

“Third Senior Uncle …………”

Nie Heng stepped forward and saluted!

Nie Heng’s Third Senior Uncle nodded slightly and then said “Sit down ……”

Kai and Nie Heng sat down on the chairs, while Nie Heng’s Third Master Uncle looked Kai up and down and said “Young man, you said you were here to see a doctor, but I see that your breath is calm and your face is rosy, you don’t look like someone who is sick!”

Kai smiled lightly and said, “I am here to see a doctor, not for me, but for you ……”

Kai’s words caused Nie Heng and his Third Master Uncle to be stunned!

Nie Heng’s third senior uncle frowned and said “To see me? What kind of illnesses are you treating me for? Are you also a medicine master?”

“Third senior uncle, Chen …… Kai is also a medicine master, and the medical skills are very powerful ……”

Nie Heng hurriedly said!

“Oh, then I’d like to see how powerful, you said you’ll treat me, what kind of illness will you treat me?”

Third Master Nie Heng asked as he turned to Kai!

“This room of yours is lit with dragon’s beard grass inside, and you will be able to smell it from outside the room.”

“And this dragon’s beard herb is what dispels snake and ant detoxification, in looking at your eyes now, although your breathing is calm, each breath is accompanied by a slight echo.”

“If I am correct, you must be suffering from a severe poison and will not live long, and it is very likely that you are suffering from snake poison.”

“By now you should have started to fester extensively on your body, am I right?”

Kai said with a faint smile!

Hearing Kai’s words, Third Senior Uncle Nie Heng’s face instantly changed, and his brows furrowed!

“Kid, who the hell are you? How dare you know my background?”

“Did Hu Yixiao send you here to deliberately set me up? I tell you, whether I am poisoned or not, I will never tell that Hu Yixiao the way to open the Hidden Medicine Pavilion, so let him die!”

“Unless the Supreme Elder shows up and personally gives the order, I will not tell that Hu Yixiao even if I take the method of opening the Hidden Medicine Pavilion to my grave.”

“Now you two get out of here right now, don’t wait for me to get angry, you won’t be able to leave even if you want to.”

Nie Heng’s Third Master Uncle roared in all his fury!

“Third senior uncle, you misunderstood, we actually ……”

Nie Heng knew that his Third Senior Uncle had misunderstood and hurriedly tried to explain!

But his Third Senior Uncle didn’t listen at all, he just saw a wave of his big hand, and instantly the air in the room shook as a vast and terrifying aura came towards Kai and Nie Heng!

This aura was like a shocking wave, instantly wrapping Kai and Nie Heng in it!

Nie Heng was shocked, he didn’t expect his Third Master Uncle to become so violent, striking at the drop of a hat!

Faced with the suppression of his aura at the third rank of the Combined Body Realm, Nie Heng didn’t have the slightest room to resist!


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