A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2607

In front of a towering mountain.

Kai looked up at the huge sect before him and couldn’t help but feel emotional!

He had always thought that for a sect like the Jade Tripod Sect, which was not particularly large, the sect’s quarters would just be the usual!

But he had never imagined that the Jade Tripod Sect’s sect headquarters would be so majestic!

On the huge pagoda were the words Jade Tripod Sect, and on both sides of the mountain gate were various sculptures!

There were also dozens of Jade Tripod Sect disciples guarding both sides of the mountain gate, all of them solemn and majestic!

“Mr. Chen, this is our sect’s residence, isn’t it particularly spectacular?”

“In the past, our Jade Tripod Sect’s quarters were not this luxurious and spectacular, it was only after my master became the Jade Tripod Sect’s head that the site was re-selected and re-built.”

Nie Heng was also full of pride when he talked about his clan’s compound!

Kai nodded “I really didn’t expect that the Jade Tripod Sect would have such a luxurious and spectacular clan residence!”

As Kai finished speaking, he suddenly noticed that not far from the side of the Jade Tripod Sect’s compound, there was a piece of dilapidated houses, but there were many people lined up in front of the houses, so it was obvious that there were people living there too!

This had to make Kai a little curious, knowing that no one else was allowed to live around a clan’s compound for a hundred miles, but there were other people living right next to the compound of the Jade Tripod Sect, which was very unreasonable!

“What’s with that house over there?”

Kai asked curiously!

Nie Heng took a look and said, “That house is our Jade Tripod Sect’s former sect’s residence, after we moved over here, it was deserted and only Third Master Uncle followed by a few of his disciples are still guarding it!”

“Third Master Uncle is pedantic and despises my Master’s character, so he has been living in the original compound and giving medical treatment to the mountain people around here.”

“Look at those mountain people lining up, they are the ones seeking medical treatment from Third Master Uncle, I really don’t know what Third Master Uncle thinks, giving medical treatment to these mountain people, and not earning any money or resources at all, wasting time for nothing.”

Nie Heng was very puzzled by his Third Master Uncle’s approach, but Kai was very interested in this Third Master Uncle of Nie Heng’s after hearing about it!

One should know that as a medicine master, healing and saving people should come first, but Nie Heng’s master had used his medical skills to start raking in money and flaunting his power, how could he still deserve the name of medicine master!

After listening to Nie Heng’s words, Kai actually turned around and walked towards the Jade Tripod Sect’s old quarters, he was going to meet Nie Heng’s Third Master Uncle!

“Mr. Chen, what are you doing?”

Nie Heng asked, puzzled, as he chased after him!

“I’m going to check on your Third Master Uncle first ……”

Kai said!

Seeing this, Nie Heng could only helplessly follow behind Kai!

As Kai walked up to the dilapidated house, he was immediately stopped by someone!

“Who are you?” A young man dressed in cloth and covered in patches asked Kai!

“Senior brother, this is a guest from the Jade Tripod Sect, who has come to see Third Senior Uncle.”

Nie Heng hurriedly stepped forward and said to the young man!

After seeing Nie Heng, the young man’s face was displeased and he coldly snorted, “Master is treating someone, he doesn’t have time to see you, you should go back ……”

“I’m not a guest, I’m a patient, I’m here to find a doctor to treat my illness.”

Kai opened his mouth and said!

The young man took a look at Kai and said “My master doesn’t treat people like you, leave quickly or I won’t be polite.”

The young man was actually trying to drive Kai away by force!

“How dare you, how dare you be so reckless in front of me, how can I say that I am also a senior brother of the Jade Tripod Sect.”

Nie Heng instantly roared at the young man in flames!

“Hmph, Nie Heng, you’re not a good senior brother when you get here, no one of us recognises you as a senior brother, you’d better leave quickly or I won’t be polite to you either!”

The young man snorted coldly, not putting Nie Heng in his eyes in the slightest!


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