A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2606

“Huang Yao Shi, how sure are you? Right now our old ancestor’s breath is very weak, if the medicine is stronger, I’m afraid that our old ancestor won’t be able to withstand it at all and will really die ……”

Ning Cai Chen was very nervous as he asked to Huang Yao Shi!

After all, the resurrection of the old ancestor was related to the future of their Ning Family, if the Ning Family’s old ancestor really came back to life, then the status of their Ning Family would definitely change forever!

If that was the case, then they would not be far from ascending to immortality!

“Don’t worry, Master Ning, I’m 90 percent sure, but the Ning family’s old ancestor’s breath is so weak, even if he comes back to life, his strength will have to recover slowly.”

Huang Yushi said with confidence!

“It doesn’t matter, as long as the old ancestor comes to life, I will give him all the resources of the Ning Family, I believe the old ancestor will soon recover as before.”

Ning Cai Chen said happily!

Huang Yao Shi nodded, then slowly walked up to the Ning Family’s Old Ancestor and gently broke open his mouth, Huang Yao Shi stuffed a pill into the Ning Family’s Old Ancestor’s mouth!

That Pill King melted in his mouth, and then a soft breath began to wrap around the Ning Family Ancestor’s entire body!

Ning Cai Chen and Ning Chan, on the other hand, were staring nervously at the corpse of the Old Ancestor in front of them!

Slowly, the soft breath entered the body of the Ning Family Ancestor, and as the soft breath entered his body, the original dried flesh and blood of the Ning Family Ancestor began to swell up a little, and his face began to turn rosy!

Ning Caixin and Ning Can, who saw this scene, had already become excited inside!

After about ten minutes, they saw the Ning Family Ancestor slowly open his eyes and sit up violently!

Seeing that the old ancestor was alive, Ning Cai Chen and Ning Can hurriedly fell to their knees!

“Ning Cai Chen, the Ning Family Head, congratulates the Old Ancestor on his resurrection ……”

Along with Ning Cai Chen’s congratulations, all the Ning Family heirs outside all shouted out in excitement!

“Congratulations to the resurrection of our old ancestor ……”

“Congratulations to the resurrection of the old ancestor ……”

With a burst of shouting, the entire Ning Family was abuzz with excitement!

Every member of the Ning family had a look of excitement on their faces, even that Huang Yao Shi was full of excitement, having the Ning family’s old ancestor resurrected, he could now brag about himself outside again!

At this moment, only the Ning Family Ancestor was looking blankly at what was happening in front of him, his eyes full of secrets and incomprehension!

He didn’t know where this place was, and even less did he know what the person in front of him was!

For this so-called resurrection of the Ning Family Ancestor was not really a resurrection, but was merely possessed by a wisp of Ning Zhi’s remnant soul!

At that time, Ning Zhi was beaten by Kai and almost lost his soul, but fortunately the passage to the Celestial Realm was opened at that time and a wisp of Ning Zhi’s remnant soul escaped into the passage!

However, because Ning’s ancestor was a dry corpse that had been dead for thousands of years, and because Ning Zhi was only a remnant soul at that time, there was no way to directly revive the possessed corpse.

Luckily, Ning Cai Chen discovered the change in the old ancestor’s corpse and asked Huang Yushi to make an elixir, and with the aid of the elixir, Ning Zhi was able to wake up!

Looking at what was happening in front of him, Ning Zhi was dumbfounded and bewildered, for he had no idea at all about what was happening in front of him!

Looking at his own ancestor that way, Ning Cai Chen frowned slightly and hurriedly looked at Huang Yao Shi, he couldn’t bring his ancestor back to life, but he was a fool, right?

The Yellow Pill Master saw this and hurriedly went forward to explain “Master Ning, your old ancestor has been here for thousands of years, everything has long since changed, and it is impossible for him to know you all, now that he has just awakened, he must be like this.”

“You need to let your old ancestor have a good rest, then you can take your Ning family tree and explain to him properly, he will slowly understand.”

Listening to Huang Yao Shi’s explanation, Ning Cai Chen suddenly understood and hurriedly dismissed the crowd, Ning Cai Chen personally helped his old ancestor to rest, while Ning Zhi followed suit and left!


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