A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2605

After Nie Heng’s introduction, Kai then knew that the overall strength of the Jade Tripod Sect wasn’t very strong, but because they were all pill masters, the surrounding clan forces, or the Imperial City Demon Beasts, all gave the Jade Tripod Sect face, so the Jade Tripod Sect had lived a comfortable life over the years!

Because they were the only medicine master clan within a thousand kilometres radius, they were treated with respect by both the human and beast races, and in order to allow them to refine medicine and cure diseases, many of them sent all kinds of medicinal herbs to the clan!

Now the Jade Tripod Sect has a lot of resources, and there are countless spiritual herbs and pills.

Kai was excited inside when he heard this, because it wouldn’t be long before these resources of the Jade Tripod Sect would be his.

With the rise of his realm, Kai knew that the resources he needed would increase exponentially and multiply!

“Since your Jade Tripod Sect is so famous in this area, why do people still dare to compete with you for the Immortal Crane Grass?”

Kai asked, puzzled!

At that time when they were searching for the Immortal Crane Grass, it was obvious that the Ning Clan’s gang did not give them the Jade Tripod Sect’s face and directly followed them in the scramble!

“Someone competed with our Jade Tripod Clan for the Immortal Crane Grass?” Nie Heng was stunned, as he hadn’t participated in the search for the Immortal Crane Grass, so he didn’t know about Ning Can leading the scramble!

But soon, Nie Heng reacted and said “In this area, the only person who dares to follow our Jade Cauldron Sect and fight for the Immortal Crane Grass is the Ning Clan in Urn City.”

“Why?” Kai asked!

“That Ning Family has hired a pharmacist from somewhere to specialize in refining all kinds of pills for their family, so the Ning Family also has a demand for all kinds of spirit medicine and immortal herbs.”

“Because their Ning Family has pill masters that don’t use our Jade Tripod Sect, so we often clash in order to grab medicinal herb resources.”

When Nie Heng explained this, Kai sort of understood!

The Jade Tripod Clan’s magic weapon that allowed them to do whatever they wanted was the pill refining skills in their own hands, and once the other side also had pill masters and the ability to refine pills, they wouldn’t be respecting their Jade Tripod Clan anymore!

It was like the demon emperor’s city. Now that Kai had written a pill refining technique that the beast race could practice, once the demon emperor’s city had its own pill masters, the Jade Tripod Sect would be nothing in the eyes of the demon emperor!

Just as Kai and Nie Heng were rushing to the Jade Tripod Sect, and the Ning Family in Urn City was currently abuzz with people, all of the Ning Family’s descendants were all kneeling outside the Ning Family’s ancestral hall!

And inside the ancestral hall, only the Ning family head, Ning Cai Chen, and Ning Cai Chen’s son, Ning Can, and the Ning family’s medicine man were present!

In front of the three of them lay a corpse, which was covered in dust and dried up with flesh and blood, looking like it had been resting in this ancestral hall for who knows how long!

And this corpse was their Ning Family’s old ancestor. After the death of the Ning Family’s old ancestor, his corpse did not decay, so it had been enshrined in the Ning Family’s ancestral hall!

The reason why all the descendants of the Ning Family had gathered here today, and were kneeling on the ground, was because today, their Ning Family’s old ancestor, most likely, had come to life!

Because not long ago, a light shone on the ancestral hall, and the corpse of the Ning Family’s Old Ancestor inside the ancestral hall had a faint breath!

Although the breath was extremely faint, it was still detectable!

This sudden change caused Ning’s family head, Ning Caishen, to panic, so he hurriedly invited Huang Yushi to check it out. After some examination, Huang Yushi surprisingly gave a shocking result, that is, the Ning family ancestor was not dead, but still alive, but his breath was so weak that it was as if he was dead!

This made Ning Cai Chen both shocked and delighted, he didn’t expect that the Ning Family Ancestor, who had been dead for thousands of years, had never really died!

In order to completely save the old ancestor, Ning Cai Chen asked Huang Yushi to think of a way, which was why that Ning Can also went to look for the Immortal Crane Grass, only because of the Jade Tripod Sect, Ning Can only brought back the beast pills of the Bloodthirsty Beast!

Although there was no Immortal Crane Grass, however, Pill Master Huang still made a pill, and by consuming this pill, the Ning Family’s oldest ancestor would be able to wake up completely!


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