A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2603

Boulder Village!

After Nie Heng’s limbs had been put on Black Jade Discontinuity Ointment, he was soon able to walk and recovered well!

Seeing that Nie Heng had no more problems, Kai said, “Ryanorrow we’ll leave for the Jade Tripod Sect ……”

“Okay!” Nie Heng nodded his head, his face full of humility!

At this moment, Nie Heng was like a servant in front of Kai, knowing that two days ago, he had simply despised Kai, thinking that he was a mountain pariah, but now he had to listen to Kai!

“Brother Kai, are you leaving tomorrow?”

Yun’er and Zhuzi asked as they looked at Kai with reluctance!

Kai nodded and stroked the two heads with his hand, “En, I’m leaving tomorrow, I have to find a way to get rid of the Yuding Clan in order to make Bashi Village safe, or else the Yuding Clan will definitely take revenge on you.”

“Brother Kai, we’ll miss you when you’re gone ……”

Yun’er said holding back her tears!

“I’m gone, it’s not like I’m not coming back, when I’m done with the Jade Tripod Sect, I’ll come back to see you guys, and about your grandmother, I’ve also taken it to heart, I’ll look for it.”

Kai said, and took out some papers full of handwriting from his bosom and gave them to Pillar, “Pillar, there is some knowledge of pill refining recorded on it, you have learned some of it during this period of time, practice more according to it, I believe you will be able to become a pill master sooner or later!”

“By then, Bashi Village will not have to be bullied anymore, and you will be able to do something for the people of Bashi Village!”

Kai had also taught Pill Master some basic knowledge during this period of time, and Pill Master was very talented and learned very quickly!

“Thank you Brother Kai ……”

Pillar said happily as he accepted the paper written by Kai himself!

“Brother Kai, you’re leaving soon, I’ll fetch that bow of yours and bring it with me ……”

Yun’er said.

Kai nodded, and then Yun’er ran out!

Now that Kai’s Zenglong Sword Spirit, Zhong Li, had not yet returned, the power of the Zenglong Sword could not be fully utilised, and Kai really had to use the Divine King’s Bow if he wanted to deal with a Combined Body realm expert like Hu Yixiao!

Although using the Divine King’s Bow would cause him a lot of unnecessary trouble, in a pinch, the Divine King’s Bow could still save his life!

Moreover, now that Kai possessed the power of the three clans, using the God King’s Bow would definitely increase its power greatly!

But just as Kai was waiting for Yun’er to bring the Divine King’s Bow, he saw Yun’er running back in a panic, her hands also empty!

“Brother Kai, it’s not good, you …… lost that bow of yours, it’s gone ……”

Yun’er said with a face full of self-recrimination!

“What?” Kai frowned slightly “Take me to see it immediately ……”

Ever since Yun’er had hidden the Divine King’s Bow, Kai hadn’t seen it in either!

Yun’er hurriedly led Kai and the others towards the place where the Divine King’s Bow was hidden!

It was a very cracked thatched hut, filled with all sorts of miscellaneous things, and in the corner of the hut, a very fresh hole led to the ground!

“I hid that bow in this very room, and now it’s gone ……”

Yun’er cried out!

She felt so sorry for Kai, she had lost his weapon after all, and it was so valuable!

“Yun’er, it’s alright!” Kai comforted Yun’er, and then carefully examined the hole!

It was obvious that something had dug a hole to this place and taken the Divine King’s Bow away!

But what exactly was it that could steal a hole underground?

And looking at the size of the hole, the guy who dug it couldn’t have been very small!

“It’s a mole hole ……”

At this point Nie Heng opened his mouth and said!

“Mole hole?” Kai was stunned!

“Not bad, at a glance this hole is one that you know was dug by a mole monster, our Jade Tripod Sect was also once stolen by a mole monster, and it was a hole like this.”

Nie Heng nodded and said!


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