A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2601

The City of Bright Knight!

In a secret room, King Li held a recurve bow in his hand, carefully stroking it, the excitement on his face inexpressible!

Beside King Li, a sharp-tongued, rat-like fellow was also looking at King Li with eyes aglow with anticipation!

“Mole monster, you stole the God King’s bow, did you see anything else?”

King Li asked the mole monster!

“King Knight, absolutely no second person saw it, I know that this divine King’s Bow is of great significance, so how could I let anyone else see it.”

The mole monster assured!

“En, you have done well.” King Li nodded “This divine King’s Bow is a divine weapon with great power, but this thing is a treasure, but if you really hold it in your hands, it will also be a scourge, if other people know that the divine King’s Bow is in my hands, I guess there will never be a peaceful day for our Ming Li King City again.”

“Don’t worry, King Knight, I all came all the way back to the King City from underground, absolutely no one else knows about it.”

Mole Monster patted his chest and assured!

“I really didn’t expect that such a divine weapon as the Divine King’s Bow would appear in a tiny broken mountain village, it seems that this is the will of heaven.”

King Li gently stroked the God King Bow and beckoned towards the Mole Monster, “You have done a good job, I will reward you heavily ……”

The mole monster was full of excitement and rushed over to find out what King Li would reward him for!

But just as he got close to him, King Li’s eyes suddenly flashed with killing intent, followed by a slap on the mole monster’s head!

Poof ……

The mole monster had no time to react, and was directly slapped on the head and died, and to his death the mole monster was still wide-eyed, unable to understand what was going on!

King Li pulled out some white powder from his pocket and sprinkled it on the mole monster’s body, soon the mole monster’s corpse turned into a puddle of pus and completely disappeared!

“Now, no one will ever know that the God King’s Bow is in my hands again ……”

King Li was full of excitement as he looked at the God King’s Bow in his hand.

Using his hand, he gently pulled the bowstring, but King Li could only pull it a little, even if he used all his strength!

“It seems that a divine weapon is a divine weapon, it is really powerful ……”

Although King Li couldn’t pull the divine King’s bow, he was still happy inside!

At that moment, one of Wang Cheng’s men said at the door, “King Li, Sovereign Hu of the Jade Tripod Sect requests to see you ……”

“Hu Yixiao is here? What is he doing here?”

When King Li heard this, his brow furrowed, but he still said loudly “Tell Patriarch Hu to wait in the living room, I’ll be right there!”

King Li hid the Divine King’s Bow, then walked out of the secret room and headed straight for the living room!

Because they also needed the Jade Tripod Sect’s help in making pills and asking the Jade Tripod Sect’s pharmacist to help with medical treatment, King Li was very polite to Hu Yixiao!

“Patriarch Hu, what brings you here, what a rare guest! ……”

After King Li saw Hu Yixiao, he hurriedly went forward to greet him, like an old friend!

“King Li, I took the liberty to come here, I didn’t disturb you, right?”

Hu Yixiao asked.

“No, if Sovereign Hu can come here, this King Ming Li City will be enriched. I wonder what instructions Sovereign Hu has for this visit?”

King Li knew that Hu Yixiao must have something to deal with when he suddenly arrived!

Hu Yixiao looked around and showed a difficult look, King Li instantly understood and waved his hand, “Everyone out, no one is allowed to enter …… without my order.”

Soon, only Hu Yixiao and King Li were left in the living room!

“Sovereign Hu, can we talk now?”

King Li asked!

“King Li, I’ve come to you this time because I want to follow your Ming Li King City and cooperate.” Hu Yixiao said!

“Cooperation?” King Li was filled with incredulity!

They knew that they had always been the ones to ask for help from the Jade Tripod Sect, after all, they couldn’t refine pills and seek medical treatment without the Jade Tripod Sect, but now Hu Yixiao was talking about cooperation, which made King Li very puzzled!


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