A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2598

“Yun’er, where is your grandmother?”

Kai found himself waking up and didn’t see the old woman, so he asked Yun’er!

After all, Kai was now able to possess the power of the three clans thanks to the old woman’s magic pearl, and Kai wanted to thank him!

But who knew that when Kai asked, Yun’er would burst into tears, which left Kai a little confused!

“Kai, Yun’er’s granny was taken away by Daoist Wuji ……”

The old village chief said with a sad expression!

Although he knew the identity of the granny’s demon race, but for so many years, the granny had been living in Bashi village, and was a good person, and also adopted Yun’er, so the granny was taken away, the old village chief was also sad in his heart!

“Daoist Master Wuji?” Kai frowned slightly, he hadn’t heard of this person!

“Daoist Master Wuji is heard to hate the devil people the most, whenever he hears that there are devil people anywhere, he will appear to capture them.”

“This time Yun’er Auntie has been captured, I’m afraid it’s a bad luck.”

The old village elder whispered!

When Kai heard this, his expression became grave and he asked, “Old Village Chief, do you know where that Daoist Master Wuji is?”

The old village chief shook his head “I don’t know, we have only heard of people like Daoist Master Wuji.”

When Kai saw that the old village chief did not know, he could only give up, when he had dealt with the matter of the Jade Tripod Sect, he could go and ask the Ikh Demon Emperor!

If the old woman had really suffered at the hands of this Daoist Master Wuji, Kai would have to avenge her as well!

If the Jade Tripod Sect was not settled, the village would suffer in the future, and Kai himself could not be in the village every day to protect these people!

But to deal with the Jade Tripod Sect, although Kai had now raised his realm to the Eighth Grade Realm of Transformation and possessed the power of the three clans, Kai did not have any certainty when he really fought with that Patriarch Hu!

Besides, Kai didn’t know much about the Jade Tripod Sect, so he had to understand the strength of the Jade Tripod Sect before making any plans!

At this moment, in the square, Wu Feiyu was already being tortured by the villagers, and he could not even scream!

But the faintly turning eyes showed that Wu Feiyu was still alive, but it was worse than dead!

The flesh of Wu Fei Yu’s body was already split open, much of the flesh had been cut off, and there was a wound on his chest where his internal organs could be clearly seen!

“Kill …… kill me, please …… beg you ……”

Wu Feiyu begged in a weak voice, begging to be allowed to die quickly!

This painful torture was ten thousand times more painful than death!

“You want to die now, but unfortunately it’s already too late, weren’t you a bully when you slaughtered these villagers and compared them to mere ants?”

“Today you are humbled to pray to these mere ants in your eyes, I won’t let you die so painfully ……”

After Kai finished speaking, he pinched out a small bit of pink powder from his body and casually tossed it on Wu Feiyu’s body!

Wu Feiyu’s body trembled violently, his body felt like it was being gnawed by a thousand ants!

There were no words to express the pain!

And at this moment, Nie Heng, who was beside Wu Feiyu, looked at Wu Feiyu’s appearance dumbfounded, his trousers had long since been soaked through, Nie Heng, who was originally all hard-boned and full of hardness, was so scared that he wet his trousers!

He wasn’t afraid of death, but looking at Wu Feiyu’s appearance of being immortal, Nie Heng was afraid.

Kai took a look at Nie Heng who had wet his trousers, and a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, because he knew that when people who were as scared as death and full of hardness were really scared, they would be more scared than those who were cowardly!

“Chen …… Kai, don’t kill me, please don’t kill me ……”

Nie Heng saw Kai looking at him and begged!


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