A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2597

Two life-preserving tokens emitted light at the same time, and a barrier wrapped around the two men, which gave them a sense of security!

Unfortunately, before the two could catch their breath, they found that the barrier formed by the Life Preservation Tokens was as fragile as glass under the attacks of those flying swords, and was instantly shattered!

At this moment, the two men were dumbfounded, this was their last card, but this last card was so unbearable in front of Kai!

“Ah …………”

Wu Feiyu’s other arm was severed, and his legs were also cut with many wounds from the flying sword as he fell to his knees with a poof!

Nie Heng also suffered the same fate, all his limbs were severed, and his entire body was bathed in blood!

Kai’s body swayed and instantly appeared above the two, looking down at Wu Feiyu and Nie Heng like an immortal descending.

Wu Feiyu and Nie Heng looked up at Kai, but they could no longer see any fear in their eyes, they only wanted to die a painful death!

“Who the hell are you? Kill us if you have the guts, my master will avenge us.”

Nie Heng said as he looked towards Kai!

Wu Feiyu didn’t say a word, his eyes filled with dullness, he had always thought that Kai was a mountain pariah, to later finding out that Kai was very strong and should be the son of some worldly clan, to now Kai killing the two of them in seconds, now they couldn’t figure out what the hell Kai was!

Kai didn’t answer Nie Heng, instead he reached out and grabbed the two men into his hands, carrying them both back to Bashi Village as if they were little chicken boys!

Kai would not kill the two of them, he would let the people of Bashi Village kill them themselves to relieve their hatred.

When Pillar and the old village chief saw that Kai had returned with Wu Feiyu and Nie Heng in his arms, they were all excited!

“Brother Kai, are you all right?”

Pillar and Yun’er ran up to Kai and said to him with concern!

“How could I be alright, don’t worry about it ……”

Kai smiled slightly, then looked at the old village chief and said “Old village chief, I have brought these two culprits back, leave them to you ……”

The old village headman’s eyes were filled with tears of excitement, then he nodded.

All the villagers of Baishi Village all looked at Wu Feiyu and Nie Heng in anger, if it wasn’t for these two people, how could so many people die in their Baishi Village?

“Kill them, kill them …………”

All the villagers of Bashi Village roared in anger!

The old village chief waved his hand and said “We must not let them die easily, we must torture them to death ……”

After saying that, the old village chief had people tie up Wu Feiyu and Nie Heng in the square!

In fact, even if they were not tied up, they would not be able to escape, their limbs had been broken by Kai!

Especially Wu Fei Yu, both of his arms had been chopped off, so it was almost impossible to put them back together!

After tying them up, the old village chief said, “Villagers, it is because of them that we lost our loved ones, we must now take revenge.”

“Each of you can torture them in any way you like, but you must not let them die, but leave a breath for the villagers behind them.”

The old village chief explained after the many townspeople, who nodded their heads in agreement!

“Let’s start with this guy ……”

The old village chief said as he pointed at Wu Fei Yu!

After all, this Wu Feiyu had come to Bashi Village twice, beating and humiliating the people of their village, and the whole village hated him!

All the villagers lined up and began to strike at Wu Feiyu!

Some used knives to cut Wu Fei Yu’s flesh, some used stones to smash him, and some used fire, but none of them would attack the vital locations and would not let Wu Fei Yu die!

Wu Fei Yu’s miserable screams resounded all the way across the square!

Now he wanted to die right away, now living was a pain, but unfortunately he wanted to die, but he couldn’t!

This is the real life is worse than death ……


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