A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2593

That’s incredible too? Why is this so?

Kai didn’t pay any attention to the shocked two, instead he glanced at the Dragon Cutting Sword in his hand and gently stroked it with his hand!

“To deal with you two, I actually used the Dragon Chopper Sword, I really think too highly of you ……”

“Killing the two of you, it would be too worthless if I let my sword suffer a little damage!”

Kai said, surprisingly putting away the Dragon Chopper Sword!

The blow he had just struck had shown Kai that he had overestimated the strength of Wu Feiyu and Nie Heng.

When Wu Feiyu and Nie Heng saw that Kai had even put away his weapon, this was clearly not taking them into consideration, this was naked contempt, and they were instantly furious!

After putting the Dragon Cutting Sword away, Kai’s body shone with a golden light, his Unbreakable Golden Body activated, and scales shining with golden light covered Kai’s entire body!

“If you two kneel down and apologize now, I can still let you die a painful death ……”

Kai said as he looked towards Wu Feiyu and Nie Heng!

“Kid, don’t be so bold, your current strength is just by the treasures in your hands, without them, how could you be a match for the two of us!”

Wu Feiyu thought that Kai had just easily taken a blow from them because of that precious sword in his hand!

“I’m putting my weapon away now, next I’ll show you how I can beat the shit out of you without it.”

As Kai finished speaking, his body suddenly swayed and he was in front of Wu Feiyu in an instant!

The power of the three clans within Kai’s body was unleashed, and he cast out the Blinding Wind Steps, directly increasing the speed of the Blinding Wind Steps to the extreme!

It was as if the entire person wasn’t moving, but had arrived in an instant flash!

Wu Feiyu was unable to react at all, and he didn’t expect Kai to arrive in front of him with just a sway of his body at a distance of more than ten metres!

When Wu Feiyu reacted, it was already too late, he only felt a force hitting him hard in the abdomen, then his body flew up like a kite, and then hit the ground hard, smashing the ground into a deep crater several meters in diameter!

Nie Heng, who was beside Wu Feiyu, couldn’t react at all, he didn’t even notice when Kai had arrived in front of him, he didn’t even see a shadow, it was as if Kai had appeared out of thin air!

“What kind of speed is this ……? Couldn’t you be able to time travel?”

Nie Heng’s face was filled with horror, his body was trembling!

A mere Transformation Realm cultivator, how could he possibly be able to perform a technique like time travel, it was simply impossible!

But the truth was in front of him, and Nie Heng couldn’t help but believe it!

At this moment, Nie Heng was scared, and he finally believed what Kai had said, that in front of Kai, they were just ants, the so-called untouchables!

Nie Heng desperately retreated, and at the same time threw his hands, a white smoke instantly filled the air, forming a barrier in front of him!

These were the unique poisons refined by their Jade Tripod Sect, which could render a person incapacitated instantly after inhaling them!

Only after throwing out the poison did Nie Heng’s heart relax a little!

Looking at the white expanse in front of him, Nie Heng felt that Kai should have already lost his ability to move, otherwise he would have caught up with him by now!

Just when Nie Heng was full of joy and helping Wu Feiyu up, he heard a sound of footsteps!

Tapping ……

Every step seemed to step on the hearts of two people, at this time Nie Heng and Wu Fei Yu raised their hearts to their throats, it is reasonable to say that under this kind of poison, no one would be able to move!

But the sound of footsteps proves that someone is still moving around, as if they weren’t affected by anything!

They both tensed up, hoping that the person who was still moving was not Kai!


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