A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2592

And as Kai listened to Nie Heng’s explanation, he was even more furious!

“In this world, there are ultimately strong and weak people, and it’s impossible for everyone to be strong.”

“Do you think you’re strong just because you’re a Transformation Realm cultivator now? That you can be above others?”

“In the eyes of a real expert, this strength of yours is nothing, I can kill you right now, and you two are just like ants in my eyes!”

“Then you two are also the pariahs you call yourselves?”

Kai questioned!

“Kai, you and I are of equal strength and realm, how dare you speak out of turn and say such things, since you won’t listen to advice, you will have to die ……”

Nie Heng was also unwilling to talk nonsense to Kai, and a killing aura began to rise from his body!

Originally, he wanted to trick Kai into going to the Jade Tripod Sect, so that he could still do it without any effort, but he didn’t want Kai to simply not listen to advice!

Since Kai wouldn’t listen, he had no choice but to use force!

“Wait a moment and you will know who it is that died ……”

Kai smiled coldly as he grabbed his right hand in the void, and the Dragon Chopping Sword instantly appeared in Kai’s hand!

There was a burst of coldness emanating from the body of the Dragon Chopping Sword, although the sword spirit, Zhong Li, was injured and was now unable to detach itself from the sword body, but even so, the aura emanating from the Dragon Chopping Sword was enough to see that it was a precious sword!

“No wonder Master wanted to bring you back alive, it seems you have quite a few treasures on you ……”

Nie Heng finished speaking and smoothly struck out towards Kai!

Seeing this, Wu Feiyu also struck out at the same time, the two of them forming a pincer attack against Kai!

Seeing this scene, the old village chief and Yun’er were all very nervous, but it was useless to be nervous, for a battle of this level was simply beyond their ability to participate!

Even if they got close, they would be injured by the aftermath!

“Good coming ……”

Kai leapt up as well, holding the Dragon Cutting Sword!

Only to see Nie Heng shake the longsword in his hand, instantly blossoming into a sky of sword light, countless sword lights surrounded Kai’s entire body!

And a tiger-headed blade in Wu Feiyu’s hand instantly cut out a harsh blade several feet long and came down with a terrifying aura!

After all, Kai’s strength was not weak, and if they wanted to capture him alive, they could only make him lose his fighting ability right from the start!

You know it’s ten times harder to capture a person alive than to kill them ……

And looking at Kai like this, it’s impossible for them to capture him alive, so they have to make him incapacitated in order to avoid Kai from committing suicide!

The two men thought very well, but they had no idea that in Kai’s eyes, he despised them, so how could he possibly commit suicide!

In the face of the countless sword lights and the sharp blades, the corners of Kai’s mouth curled up into an icy smile, and his eyes were even filled with disdain and mockery!

“To compete with me in swordplay, I’m afraid I’m your ancestor ……”

The Dragon Cutting Sword in Kai’s hand was in the void, gently pointing, and instantly countless sword blossoms appeared throughout the void!

Boom …………

Nie Heng’s sword light and Wu Feiyu’s blade fell with a bang, but they were all blocked by the sword flower that Kai gently pointed out!

With the earth trembling, a trail of smoke rose into the sky.

Kai’s body remained untouched, unharmed, but looking at Wu Feiyu and Nie Heng, the two men were knocked backwards by the force of the collision!

Wu Feiyu and Nie Heng were gasping for breath, looking at Kai with incredulous faces!

“This …… how is this possible?”

The two men’s eyes were wide with disbelief!

To know that the two of them had joined forces, and that the moment they struck, they were at full strength, they should have been able to deal with Kai at the same level with ease!

But to their surprise, Kai had only gently used his sword to make a point in the air, and then dissolved both of their moves without suffering a single injury!


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