A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2590

This kind of power presented an outburst that was quite a bit more powerful than any kind of pure power, and at that moment, the power of the three clans popped up in Kai’s mind.

This was a collection of the power of the three clans fused into one, and although Kai knew very little about the power of the three clans, he knew that this power was definitely very powerful!

Just as Kai was still in shock, he was suddenly awakened by the sound of fighting outside, and Kai hurriedly asked, “Yun’er, what’s happening outside?”

“Brother Kai, the people from Da Qing Village have come to kill, they have overrun the village and are slaughtering everywhere ……”

Pillar hurriedly followed Kai and said!

As soon as Kai heard this, he immediately rushed towards the outside, but was stopped by Yun’er and Pillar.

“Brother Kai, the old village chief told the two of us to take you to escape through the secret passage, you should not go out, these people of theirs are here to find you, you will definitely die after you go out.”

“Then the people from the Jade Tripod Sect are also there, they instructed the people from Da Qing Village to do this!”

Pillar said to Kai!

As soon as Kai heard that, he burst into flames, now that he had recovered his strength and had also raised it to the eighth grade of the Realm of Transformation, he wouldn’t be afraid of that Wu Feiyu of the Jade Tripod Sect!

“Don’t worry, you two, I won’t be afraid of them now that I’ve recovered my strength.”

Kai pushed Yun’er and the pillar away and ran straight out!

When Kai just ran out of the room, what was reflected in front of him was a sea of corpses and blood, many people from Bashi Village had fallen in a pool of blood!

The old village chief was still struggling to hold on with the remaining people!

Looking at what was happening before him, Kai’s eyes began to moisten, and eventually turned from moist to bloodshot!

A murderous aura instantly enveloped the entire Bashi village, the sky suddenly became dark and the wind and sand began to sweep across the sky!

All those who were killing each other were shocked by this sudden scene and stopped, staring at the dim sky in disbelief!

Kai’s eyes were scarlet as he stepped forward, and around his body, countless black mists filled the air.

At this moment, Kai was like a demon coming out of hell, his eyes emitting a red glow!

“Kai …………”

The old village chief looked a little excited to see Kai awake!

“Old Village Chief, thank you, you take the men to rest, leave the rest to me ……”

“I won’t let a single person who harmed Boulder Village leave, they all must die ……”

With the word death out, a terrifying pressure emanated from Kai’s body!

Those from Bashi Village were in a state of panic when they suddenly found that they could not move their bodies, and the next thing they knew, it was as if they were being pressed down by a huge mountain to death!

Many of them were instantly crushed to the point of spitting blood, while others were directly crushed to death!

Kai didn’t move, but this pressure alone caused a lot of deaths and injuries to these people from Da Qing Village!

This is the difference, the difference in strength ……

Xie Yukun was crushed to the ground with a poof, his legs shattering at the knees instantly!

He looked at Kai in horror, he never thought that Kai’s strength would be so high, if he knew that, he would never have agreed to Wu Feiyu and the others!

But what was the use of regretting now, it was already too late!

“Then Kai is coming out ……”

Wu Feiyu said, then followed Nie Heng with a leap and landed inside Bashi Village!

When Xie Yukun saw Wu Feiyu and the others coming, he had hope and hurriedly said, “Pill Master Wu save me, save me ……”

Xie Yukun was following Wu Feiyu to ask for help, after all he was doing this for Wu Feiyu!

But who knew that Wu Fei Yu did not even look at that Xie Yu Kun, just a slight wave of his hand, Xie Yu Kun’s head instantly moved and died a horrible death on the spot!

To Wu Fei Yu, Xie Yukun was no longer of any value, and a worthless pariah could only die!


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