A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2589

Along with Xie Yukun’s yell, those people from Da Qing Village all wailed with excitement and started shooting arrows towards Bashi Village!

Although there were formations laid around the gates of Bashi Village, they were all simple formations, so I’m afraid they wouldn’t last long!

The people of Baishi Village also started to fight back, with countless arrows raining down from the towers!

The pillars were also red with rage and kept shooting arrows from their hands!

Soon, both the people of Da Qing Village and Bashi Village were lulled into damage and people kept dying, but the people of Da Qing Village didn’t care about dying and attacked desperately, while the people of Bashi Village knew that once they were stormed into the village, they would be doomed, so they resisted desperately!

Thus the two sides fought desperately, while not far away, Wu Fei Yu and Nie Heng, with smiles on their faces, watched the killing in front of them as if they were watching the action!

Whether they were from Bashi Village or Da Qing Village, in their eyes, they were the lowest of the lowly, like ants, so death was of no concern to them!

After more than an hour of fighting, the gate of Bashi Village was already in danger, and the towers on both sides had all collapsed, so it was only a matter of time before the people of Big Green Village stormed the village!

“Pillar, go and tell Yun’er at once that you two should take Kai and flee through the secret passageway, escape as far as you can, and never return to the village.”

The old village chief was also wounded at this time, he knew that the village could not be saved, so he pulled the pillar and prepared him to take Kai and escape!

“Old village chief, I’m not leaving, I want to stay and fight, I want to die with you guys ……”

Pillar cried, he refused to go!

“Why don’t you kids listen, you and Yun’er take Kai and leave, go find Ah Li, Kai should know where Ah Li is!”

“As long as you live, you are the future of our Bashi village, just remember to avenge us later.”

The old village chief scolded angrily at Pillar!

Pillar bit his lip as tears continued to slide down his face, and finally nodded and ran towards Yun’er’s house!

Just as Pillar ran away, the gate of Bashi Village came crashing down and the people of Da Qing Village rushed in!

“Sister Yun’er, Sister Yun’er, the village has been breached, and the old village chief has asked me to escape with you and Brother Kai through the secret passage!”

Pillar panted and said to Yun’er!

When Yun’er heard that the village had been breached, she giggled inwardly, then looked at Kai who was still unconscious, so she nodded her head!

Yun’er and Pillar stepped forward and began to move Kai, intending to carry him through the secret passage to escape!

But just as the two were moving Kai, Kai’s body suddenly shone with a bright light!

As the light continued to grow, Kai’s body slowly levitated and soon Kai’s eyes opened!

Seeing that Kai had woken up, Yun’er and Pillar both shouted out in excitement!

“Brother Kai, you’ve finally woken up ……”

Yun’er jumped on top of Kai and cried!

When Pillar saw that Kai had woken up, he couldn’t help but cry out too!

Kai was at this moment at a loss, carefully recalling everything before he fell unconscious, when he remembered that it was the old lady who gave him the magic pearl and he fell unconscious after eating it.

Kai gently shook his fist and found that not only had he recovered his strength, he had even hit the eighth rank of the Transformation Realm, and there seemed to be a special power within his body!

This power was different from spiritual power, as if it was formed by mixing several powers together!

Kai immersed his divine sense into his body, and then guided that special power within his body to begin to roam around his body!

“This …… This is the power of the three clans?”

Kai was filled with astonishment as he discovered that apart from the power of the divine Dragon still being in the Dragon Crystal within his body, whether it was the Spiritual Power, or the Daoist Power, or even the power of the Beast Race that he had just obtained, it had all merged together!


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