A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2588

Boulder Village!

People still in mourning suddenly found the entire village of Boulder surrounded!

“Old Village Chief, it’s not good, it’s not good, the Da Qing Village’s have brought people to attack our Bashi Village ……”

Someone shouted aloud in panic, reporting to the old village chief!

When he heard that people from the Big Green Village had come, the old village chief frowned and said loudly, “Tell everyone to get their weapons and prepare to defend against the enemy ……”

Soon, all the men, women and children of Bashi Village took up their weapons!

Although the people of Bashi Village did not dare to resist in the slightest when facing a clan like the Jade Tripod Sect, the people of Bashi Village would not sit idly by in the face of a similar village like Da Qing Village!

Even if it was true that Da Qing Village was stronger than their Da Shi Village, the villagers of Da Shi Village, who had already gathered a lot of anger, were ready to follow the Da Qing Village people and fight!

The old village chief climbed the tower at the entrance and saw hundreds of Boulder Village people in front of him, weapons in hand, watching them intently!

The leader of these men was Xie Yukun, the village chief of Big Green Village. This guy used to be a bandit leader, but now he has become the village chief, trying to use this to clear his name, but there are no real villagers in Big Green Village at all, they are all bandits, still doing the work of robbing homes!

“Xie Yukun, you suddenly brought so many people to attack our Dashi Village, what do you want to do? Don’t think that our Bashi Village is afraid of you, if we really fight, it’s a big deal to come to a fish death!”

The old village chief said with an icy face.

“Old thing, don’t scare me, I am not scared either, today I brought people to your Bashi village because I was entrusted by someone, if you behave yourselves, you can still save a life, if not, then I will have to slaughter your village.”

“Old thing don’t forget what I used to do, if you really let me slaughter the village, those girls in your village should enjoy themselves.”

Xie Yukun said with a cold smile on his face!

When the old village chief heard this, his face turned red with anger, but he knew how brutal this guy Xie Yukun was, he was originally from a bandit background, so if he really attacked the village, then the girls inside the village would all be in trouble!

“Xie Yukun, you said you were entrusted by someone, what kind of person are you entrusted by? Whatever you want, just ask, as long as I have it in Bashi Village, I can give it to you.”

The old village chief compromised, every time this Xie Yukun just wanted some resources, he gave it to him and sent it away, after all, Bashi Village had just lost so many people, and now if he fought a battle with Da Qing Village, he was afraid that more people would be killed or injured.

The old village chief was afraid that all the women in the village would be spoiled. It’s not terrible to die, it’s worse to see your women being spoiled in front of your eyes than to die!

“I’m here today, and I don’t want anything from you, you just need to hand over a guy called Kai, and I’ll take my people away immediately.”

Xie Yukun said!

“Kai?” The old village chief froze and instantly understood, he had already guessed who this Xie Yukun was entrusted by.

The old village chief’s gaze looked into the distance, and sure enough, under a tree not far away, he saw Wu Feiyu and Nie Heng looking over with a playful expression!

The old village chief had not expected that after Daoist Wuji had warned the two men, they would think of using the people of Da Qing Village against themselves!

“Fuck you, we’re not going to hand Brother Kai over ……”

Pillar climbed up the tower and cursed angrily towards Xie Yukun!

“Little brat, you’re f*cking looking for death ……”

When Xie Yukun saw that he had been scolded by a small child, he was on fire!

“You’re the one who’s looking for f*cking death ……”

Pillar bent his bow and fired an arrow towards Xie Yukun with a whoosh!

Xie Yuquan dodged the arrow and then said furiously “Kill them all, kill them all, just rush in and all the women will be rewarded to you ……”


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