A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2587

The old woman looked around carefully again, and then at the people around her, and suddenly shock grew in her eyes!

“This …… all these people are also devil cultivators, all from my devil clan?”

The old woman’s face was full of surprise as she realised that the people living here were all demon cultivators like her!

“Good, all of these people are devil cultivators, you can now live here just like them.”

Daoist Master Wuji said with a faint smile.

At this, the old lady was confused, unable to figure out what was going on here.

“This old woman, Daoist Master Wuji is our saviour, every demon cultivator here was saved by Daoist Master Wuji.”

“This is a piece of the secret land of the Five Extremities Guild, and Daoist Master Wuji has let us live here.”

“You don’t need to be afraid, Daoist Master Wuji is a great man, he won’t hurt us.”

At this moment, a demonic cultivator on the side said to the old woman!

The old woman looked at Daoist Master Wuji in surprise, shocked beyond words, because she had heard that Daoist Master Wuji hated demonic cultivators to the core and caught them everywhere, and whenever he heard of a demonic cultivator anywhere, Daoist Master Wuji would rush there!

But she didn’t expect that this Daoist Master Wuji didn’t hate demonic cultivators, but to save them!

But the old lady didn’t know why Daoist Wuji did this, why he wanted to save them, the devil cultivators!

Seeming to see the old woman’s doubts, Daoist Wuji smiled lightly and said, “No matter if they are human, demon or beast, they should be equal, but I didn’t want a divine war to push the demon race into the abyss, making the demon race a street rat that everyone shouts at!”

“All beings in the underworld should have lived in peace, so why fight and kill, I want to maintain the balance and order of the three races, but I have limited strength, this is all I can do, I don’t know when the three races will be truly peaceful ……”

Daoist Wuji’s eyes became profound as he looked up at the sky, his whole body looked old!

The old woman didn’t know what to say for a while, she couldn’t even say thank you!

“Live well here, perhaps when the three clans are at peace, you will be free.”

Daoist Master Wuji finished speaking and turned around ready to leave!

“Daoist Master, I …… still have a granddaughter in Bashi Village and I am afraid that she ……”

The old woman was worrying about Yun’er’s safety, after all, those Wu Fei Yu people are ruthless!

“I was in Bashi Village and did not find any other demon cultivators ah?”

Daoist Wuji looked at the old woman with some doubts!

“No, no, no, this granddaughter of mine is a human, I have been hiding in Bashi Village for many years, this granddaughter was adopted by me since I was a child, I am afraid that the Jade Tripod Sect people will ……”

The old woman didn’t say the words that followed because she didn’t dare say them, she was afraid that she would say that the words would really come true!

The Daoist Master Wuji gave the old lady a deep look and slowly said “Good and evil, what does it have to do with the community, but unfortunately many people simply do not understand!”

“Don’t worry, I have warned the people of the Jade Tripod Sect when I left that they are not allowed to kill innocent people, I believe they won’t dare to disobey.”

Daoist Master Wuji finished his sentence and his body passed through a curtain of light and slowly disappeared!

The old woman stood dumbfounded, as if she was dreaming, she was already sure of her death, but she didn’t expect this result!

“Old woman, let’s go, I’ll arrange a place for you to stay.”

“Daoist Wuji’s former lover seems to be a demon cultivator, only that human beings and demons are different, and in the end he was torn apart and had his lover killed.”

“The current Daoist Master Wuji has been working hard to save our demon race, if there were a few more people like Daoist Master Wuji, our demon race might really be saved.”

The man led the old woman and chatted as he walked, it looked like he should have been here for a long time and knew a lot about Daoist Master Wuji.


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