A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2585

“There are no other devil cultivators in this Boulder Village, and the devilish aura that just emanated from me.”

The old woman shouted, she could not let these people find Kai.

Daoist Master Wuji didn’t say anything, he just gave a look, a Daoist boy behind him took out a treasure bottle made of sheep’s jade, then shone a light towards the old woman, a golden light instantly shone on the old woman, then the old woman’s figure disappeared and was directly sucked into that treasure bottle!

Wu Feiyu and Nie Heng all felt a pang of heartache as they watched the demonic cultivator that had come into their hands, being taken away by Daoist Master Wuji, but they didn’t dare to say anything!

“Daoist Master, there must still be a demonic cultivator present in this Bashi Village, I hope Daoist Master can find that demonic cultivator out ……”

Nie Heng said to Daoist Master Wuji!

He hoped that through Daoist Master Wuji’s skills, he could uncover Kai, who at this point in their eyes, could be sure that Kai was the demonic cultivator!

Daoist Master Wuji nodded, and with a flick of his palm, a soft white light instantly enveloped the entire Dashi Village!

The soft white light kept falling, falling on people’s bodies, making them feel as comfortable as a spring breeze!

But if it was a demon cultivator, the white light would be very painful to the body and the light would keep flickering, leaving the demon cultivator nowhere to hide!

The soft white light passed through the roof and slowly fell on Pillar and Yun’er’s bodies, and the two of them felt their bodies warm up and comfortable!

Kai, who was lying unconscious on the bed, was enveloped by the soft white light. After the white light entered Kai’s body, Kai’s body did not react, and there was a force inside Kai that was continuously sucking up the white light that entered his body!

After a few moments, Daoist Wuji withdrew his hand and said with a slight frown, “There are no more demonic cultivators in this Bashi Village, but that demonic aura could never have come from that old woman.”

“It seems that the other party was exposed and knew that they would attract a chase, so they vanish in advance, leaving only an insignificant old woman here to hold the fort!”

“I thought I would be able to make a big gain this time, but I didn’t expect it to be in vain ……”

Daoist Wuji sighed and turned around ready to leave!

Wu Feiyu and Nie Heng were a bit confused and began to wonder if that Kai had really left Bashi Village, if Kai was still in Bashi Village, there was no way that Daoist Master Wuji couldn’t find out!

“You two can take revenge if you want to, you are not allowed to kill innocents in an indiscriminate manner ……”

Daoist Master Wuji suddenly barked at Wu Feiyu and Nie Heng as he was preparing to leave!

“I respectfully follow the teachings of the Daoist Master ……”

The two men agreed respectfully.

With Daoist Master Wuji gone, Wu Feiyu and Nie Heng looked at the crowd in Bashi Village and finally had no choice but to leave, since Daoist Master Wuji had said that they couldn’t kill innocent people indiscriminately, the two of them didn’t dare to disobey!

“Senior brother, what should we do? If that Kai really escaped, where are we going to find him?”

Wu Feiyu asked to Nie Heng!

“That Kai shouldn’t have escaped, I suspect he’s still within Bashi Village.”

Nie Heng’s eyes narrowed slightly as he said!

“Senior brother, since that Kai is still in Bashi Village, let’s go back and find him.”

Wu Feiyu said.

“How can we find him? That bunch of untouchables are determined to help that Kai, they won’t even say where that Kai is, and we don’t dare to do anything to them anymore, how else can we find him?”

Nie Heng said with a gloomy face!

“Then what should we do? We can’t just go back like this, can we? If we don’t catch that Kai, Master will blame us.”

Wu Feiyu said with a sad face!

“I have my own way, since that Daoist Master Wuji said he wouldn’t let us kill the innocent indiscriminately, but didn’t say he wouldn’t let anyone else do it.”

“Think about who follows Bashi Village around here with a grudge?”

Nie Heng said with a faint smile.

“Da Qing Village?” Wu Feiyu said.

“Good, we’ll go to Daqing Village and let the people of Daqing Village kill the people of Bashi Village, it’ll have nothing to do with us, I don’t believe that after killing all the people of Bashi Village, that Kai still won’t show up.”

Nie Heng’s eyes flashed with cold killing intent, then he headed towards Da Qing Village!


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