A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2584

Hearing Wu Fei Yu’s threat, the villagers of Bashi Village all fell into panic because they knew that this guy Wu Fei Yu would definitely do what he said he would do!

But no one would tell them where Kai was without the old village chief speaking up, and so it went on like this, minute by minute!

When Wu Feiyu saw that the villagers of Bashi Village were stinking and hardened, and that no one would speak up, his face turned red with anger!

“Fine, since you won’t say anything, I’ll kill all of you and see if that Kai will show up!”

When Wu Feiyu finished speaking, he slapped his palm in the air towards the people of Bashi Village, and a huge palm print instantly appeared above the heads of the people, which carried a terrifying pressure, slowly pressing towards the people, making the people of Bashi Village feel like a mountain was pressing down on their heads!

As the villagers of Bashi Village were about to be smashed into mush by this palm, a light suddenly seemed to come from the sky and struck the terrifying palm print directly, smashing it!

“Who is it? Who’s behind this?”

Wu Feiyu had, rushing to look around!

That Nie Heng also frowned, looking around with a wary expression!

With their current strength, if someone was approaching, they would have noticed it long ago, but now they only noticed the other party when he made his move, so they could see that the other party was very strong!

“You people of the Jade Tripod Sect should take it upon yourselves to hang pots and pans to help the world, yet you’re here killing innocents indiscriminately ……”

With a flash of white light, an old man holding a duster, followed by a man and a woman, two Daoist children slowly appeared behind him!

“You old thing, what are we doing and still need you to say anything, who the hell are you?”

Wu Feiyu shouted angrily at the old man!

But at that moment, Nie Heng, who was beside Wu Feiyu, had long been terrified after seeing the old man, and was even more shaken after hearing that Wu Feiyu had even spoken out against the old man!

“Daoist Master Wuji, my junior brother has eyes that are not aware of Mount Tai, please don’t be offended.”

Nie Heng finished and gave Wu Feiyu a fierce glare, “Bastard, don’t kneel down and apologize to Daoist Master Wuji ……”

The moment Wu Feiyu heard that the other party was Daoist Master Wuji, he also trembled with fear and knelt down with a poof!

“Daoist master forgive me, I didn’t know it was Daoist master who was coming!”

Wu Fei Yu was in a cold sweat, knowing that Daoist Master Wuji’s reputation was a household name in this area!

Daoist Master Wuji’s strength was even more unfathomable, some people speculated that Daoist Master Wuji was a real immortal!

After hearing that the old man who came was Daoist Master Wuji, the people of Bashi Village all knelt down and worshipped him!

They had all heard of Daoist Master Wuji, they just hadn’t seen him!

Daoist Master Wuji asked with a cold face “As disciples of the sect, you have come to this remote village to commit a massacre, isn’t that a bit too much?”

“Daoist Master doesn’t know, we have a little brother who was killed by the people of Bashi Village, we are just here to take revenge!”

Nie Heng hurriedly explained!

“The people of Bashi Village could kill your junior brother? Is that possible?”

Daoist Master Wuji knew the strength of these lowly villagers, how could they possibly kill a sect disciple!

“Daoist Master, it’s a thousand percent true, there’s a fellow called Kai in this Bashi village who is very strong, yet he kept his strength hidden and killed my senior brother when he wasn’t prepared.”

“I suspect that this fellow is a devil cultivator, hiding his identity in this Bashi Village, and the devilish aura that just rose from this Bashi Village is a good indication of this!”

“The people of this Bashi village have been harbouring that Kai now, these people are following the devil cultivator’s collusion, they deserve to be killed.”

Nie Heng said!

Daoist Wuji nodded “I also came over to take a look because of that demonic aura, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen such a dense demonic aura appear.”

“Daoist Master, we caught a demonic cultivator in Bashi Village, and the old thing has admitted it himself.”

Wu Feiyu picked the old woman up and said to Daoist Master Wuji!

Daoist Wuji swept a glance at the old woman and said “It is indeed a demonic cultivator, only that the demonic pearl in her body is gone and she cannot exert much strength, it seems that the demonic aura rising from this Bashi village is from someone else.”


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