A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2583

Seeing this scene, all the villagers of Boulder Village were distraught, but there was nothing they could do!

The old village chief hurriedly went forward and said, “Pill Master, don’t be angry, don’t be angry, that Kai is not in Bashi Village now, I can send someone to find him right away!”

The old village headman knew that Kai was in a coma, if he was handed over at this time, Kai would definitely die, and I was afraid that their village would also be unlucky!

If they could stall for time and wait for Kai to wake up, maybe Kai would be able to deal with these two guys!

“Fuck you, who are you fooling? Just now, a burst of demonic Qi rose from your Bashi Village, it must be caused by that Kai, he is in the village.”

“If you don’t hand him over, I’ll slaughter you all right now!”

Wu Feiyu slapped the old village chief and sent him flying!

The old village chief fell heavily to the ground, spitting blood, and the crowd rushed to help him up!

Everyone stared at Wu Feiyu, but no one said a word, nor did anyone say where Kai was!

When Wu Feiyu saw this, his palm was raised again and a terrifying aura began to rise.

“Stop it ……”

Just then, the old lady let out an explosive shout, and then stepped out!

When Wu Feiyu saw the old woman, he frowned slightly and said “Old thing, who are you?”

“That Kai is not even in the village anymore, the demonic Qi that just rose from the village was because of me!”

When the old woman finished speaking, a burst of black mist rose up around her body, and under the wrapping of the black mist, the old woman’s appearance became very scary!

When the people of Bashi Village saw this scene, they were so scared that they dodged away, they didn’t expect that the old woman was actually a demon cultivator!

No one knew that this old woman had lived here for decades and no one knew that she was a devil cultivator. Now that they saw the old woman reveal her true face, the villagers of Bashi Village all felt a little scared!

Wu Feiyu was also stunned and said “You’re actually a devil cultivator?”

“Not bad, I am a devil cultivator.”

As the old woman finished speaking, her body leapt forward and headed straight for Wu Feiyu!

“Humph, although you are a devil cultivator, this point of your strength is simply not enough!”

Wu Feiyu snorted coldly and leapt up as well!

“Senior brother, don’t kill her, leave her alive, it’s worth a lot of money ……”

Nie Heng said to Wu Feiyu!

“Senior Brother, don’t worry, it’s so hard to come across a demon cultivator, how could I kill him ……”

After Wu Feiyu finished speaking, he waved his palms together and instantly scattered a cloud of red powder.

Seeing this, the old woman knew that that Wu Feiyu used poison, her body shook slightly, and the black mist around her instantly solidified, forming a barrier in front of her!

Boom …………

When the red powder that Wu Fei Yu threw touched the black fog solidified barrier, it actually made an explosion!

Along with the explosion, the red powder that filled the sky instantly surrounded the old lady!

The old woman only felt her body go limp and instantly fell to the ground!

She tried to stand up, but found that her body didn’t have a single ounce of strength left!

“No need to struggle, having been hit by my scattering attack powder, your power has disappeared.”

With a cold smile on his face, Wu Feiyu stomped on the old woman’s body!

The old woman closed her eyes in despair, as a demon cultivator, she knew what the consequences would be after exposing her identity!

But in order to buy time for Kai, she could only sacrifice herself!

Otherwise, everyone in Bashi Village would be in trouble!

At this moment, when the people of Bashi Village saw the old woman being trampled under the feet of Wu Feiyu, they were all furious. Although they knew the identity of the old woman as a demon cultivator, she had never done a single bad thing in all these years!

“I didn’t expect to come to capture that Kai and have a windfall.” The corners of Wu Feiyu’s mouth lifted slightly as he looked at the old woman at his feet, then he swept his gaze towards the people of Bashi Village and said “I’ll give you five minutes to hand over Kai, if I don’t see him in five minutes, I’ll make your village disappear completely!”


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