A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2582

“Quickly carry Kai to the bed ……”

The old woman told Yun’er and Zhuzi to carry Kai to the bed!

The three men looked at Kai whose eyes were tightly closed, all of them were helpless, the old lady was full of tension, she didn’t know how Kai could be like this!

At that moment, at a Taoist temple hundreds of miles away from Bashi Village, an old man in Taoist robes, followed by a man and a woman and two Taoist children, looked at the black fog shrouding the place in front of him!

“How can there be such a dense demonic aura there? Who on earth is it that still dares to reveal his demon identity at this time?”

The old man frowned slightly, then waved his dust and said “Disciple, go with me to see which devil who is not afraid of death has shown himself ……”

With the waving of the dust, the figures of the three people slowly disappeared!

These three people were the same three people who were attracted to Kai when he returned from the Celestial Realm to the Secular Realm and pulled the God King’s Bow.


“Eldest Brother, look, what’s that?”

Wu Feiyu, who was rushing towards Bashi Village at this moment, looked at the black fog rising in the direction of Bashi Village and asked with some shock!

Beside Wu Feiyu was Nie Heng, Hu Yixiao’s eldest disciple.

After taking a glance at the direction of Bashi Village, Nie Heng frowned and said, “Demonic Qi, so dense, is there a demon tribe in Bashi Village?”

“Demon clan?” Wu Feiyu was stunned “Senior Brother, how many years have we not seen any devils in this Celestial Realm, I’m afraid there are no devils left?”

“The devils are just hiding in the shadows, there are still many devils in the Celestial Realm, some are hiding in the mountain villages to conceal their scent, while others are hiding in the deep forests.”

“It seems that this Boulder Village is not simple, there is actually a devil race present, and looking at the devilish aura, this devil race is not weak!”

Nie Heng carefully analysed!

“We’ve been in Bashi Village for many days, but we haven’t seen any demons appear, could it be that …………”

Wu Feiyu seemed to remember something, and suddenly his eyes widened as he said “Could that Kai be a demon?”

“Most likely, didn’t you say that he has been hiding his strength? He still lives in Bashi Village, and these people of Bashi Village don’t know his identity.”

“In that case, it seems likely that this fellow is a hidden devil race, it seems like we are going to be rich this time, capturing a devil cultivator, we can exchange a lot of resources.”

Nie Heng smiled coldly, then quickened his pace!

When Nie Heng and Wu Feiyu arrived at Bashi Village, Kai was still in a coma!

Seeing that Wu Feiyu had returned, the people of Bashi Village all panicked, but now that Kai was in a coma, no one was able to deal with Wu Feiyu!

“Grandma, the Jade Tripod Sect is here, they must be looking for Kai to take revenge, what should we do now, Kai is still unconscious ……”

Yun’er said with great anxiety!

“Yun’er, you take Kai and hide, no matter what happens, don’t come out!”

“Pillar, you protect Yun’er, got it?”

The old woman said to the pillar!

“Granny, don’t worry about it, I will protect Sister Yun’er.”

The pillar nodded!

“Granny, what are you going to do to go?” Yun’er asked as she looked nervously at the old woman!

“The Jade Tripod Clan is here, this time they will definitely not give up, I’m going out to take a look, it will be fine.”

The old woman finished her sentence and walked straight out!

And by now, Wu Feiyu and Nie Heng had already walked into Bashi Village, and no one could stop them!

“What about Kai? Tell Kai to get his ass out here ……”

Wu Feiyu shouted, then used his hand for a moment, instantly sending several villagers of Bashi Village flying out!

With this simple slap, several of the Bashi Village villagers instantly lost their lives!


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