A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2579

The Jade Tripod Sect!

Wu Feiyu stood nervously in front of his master, Hu Yixiao, his legs trembling slightly because of the ghost in his heart!

“You said that the Immortal Crane Grass is at your senior brother Zhang Bei’s place? You’ll get it back in a couple of days?”

Hu Yixiao asked as he turned to Wu Feiyu!

“Yes, because Master urged me to return in a hurry, I did not follow my senior brother to meet him, but he said that he would definitely bring the Immortal Crane Grass back within three days!”

Wu Feiyu was still deceiving his master, he didn’t dare to say that the Immortal Crane Grass had been lost and picked by someone else, if that happened, he would be punished!

Hu Yixiao looked at his disciple and suddenly laughed, while Wu Feiyu looked at his master’s smile and had a bad feeling!


Soon, Hu Yixiao’s smile disappeared and was replaced by a face full of grimness as he slapped that Wu Feiyu’s face!

“You still want to deceive my master, that Immortal Crane Grass has long been picked away, right?”

Hu Yi Xiao roared at Wu Fei Yu!

Wu Feiyu froze, full of doubt, said “Master, you …… how do you know?”

“How do I know? I saw it with my own eyes, that Immortal Crane Grass was refined into a pill right in front of my eyes!”

“You two fools, you can’t even pick a single immortal crane grass, you are simply trash, why keep you?”

Hu Yixiao roared in anger, wanting to slap Wu Feiyu to death!

If the Immortal Crane Grass hadn’t been picked by Kai, he wouldn’t have lost the bet to Kai and knelt down to him!

“Master, I …… was wrong ……”

Wu Feiyu knelt down in front of Hu Yixiao with a poof “But don’t worry Master, we have found out the whereabouts of the guy who picked the Immortal Grass, once he returns to the village, Master will definitely catch him, if he dares to follow our Jade Tripod Sect to rob the Immortal Grass, then he will only die!”

Wu Feiyu believed that with Zhang Bei’s skills, it would still not be difficult to deal with Kai!

But just as Wu Feiyu finished his words, Hu Yixiao once again slapped him across the face!

“Good catch, my ass, that Zhang Bei has already been killed ……”

The first thing you need to do is to get a token that is broken, and you can use it to protect your life.

“That Kai who picked the Immortal Crane Grass is by no means an ordinary person, able to make the Ichthus Demon Emperor respectful, this guy is afraid that he has another origin!”

Hu Yixiao knew that the Ichthus Demon Emperor would not treat a hairy boy with respect for no reason, and Kai’s own strength realm was not high, that Ichthus Demon Emperor still did so, then it must be because of Kai’s identity.

“Master, this fellow has been living in Bashi Village, we have inquired about it, but as for where this fellow comes from, the people of Bashi Village don’t seem to be very clear about it either!”

“I’ll go to Bashi Village now, if I can come across that Kai, I’ll kill him and avenge my senior brother!”

Wu Feiyu was now thinking of making up for his mistakes, so he wanted to find out the identity of Kai!

Hu Yixiao thought for a moment, then nodded and said, “Let your elder brother accompany you, if you really come across Kai, don’t kill him, bring him back to me, he still has good things we need!”

“Master, don’t worry, I will definitely bring that Kai back to you.”

Wu Feiyu nodded, then got up and left!

After Wu Feiyu left, Hu Yixiao looked out of the window and pondered!

“This guy has the Ikh Demon Emperor behind him, if I strike at him, I need to contact some helpers before I can do so.”

Hu Yixiao frowned slightly, after a few moments, Hu Yixiao’s frown was relaxed and he shouted, “Someone ……”

“Sovereign, what are your orders?”

A disciple of the Jade Tripod Sect walked in and asked!

“Prepare the palanquin immediately, I need to make a trip to Ming Li King City ……”

Hu Yixiao commanded!


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