A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2578

No matter what kind of poison, Zhang Bei used it all, he didn’t believe he couldn’t poison Kai to death!

But Kai didn’t dodge the poison that Zhang Bei threw, nor did he care, as the branch in his hand began to smack Zhang Bei’s body!

After a few minutes, there was no more poison on Zhang Bei’s body, and Kai was still standing intact!

But he himself was already in rags and his body was covered in bruises from Kai’s beatings!

“It’s time for me to send you off ……”

Kai looked at Zhang Bei, who was covered in bruises from his own beating, and once again raised the branch in his hand!

At this moment, Zhang Bei knew that the branch in Kai’s hand was also enough to kill him!

“Brother Kai …………”

Just as Kai was about to kill Bill Zhang, suddenly the pillar shouted out!

Kai turned his head to look at Pillar, who said “Brother Kai, can you leave him to me, I want to kill him with my own hands to avenge my folks!”

Kai nodded, then grabbed Zhang Bei by the collar and leapt onto the square of Bashi Village!

Kai kicked Zhang Bei’s legs, shattering them so that he couldn’t escape!

Zhang Bei knelt in the square, his body covered in bruises, his head bowed, no longer as arrogant as before!

“Beat him to death, beat him to death ……”

The villagers of Bashi Village all roared in righteous indignation!

Because on the side of the square, there were still the bodies of the villagers that Zhang Bei had killed in the past few days!

Pillar took an axe from a villager’s hand and walked towards Zhang Bei!

The old village chief reached out at that moment and stopped Pillar.

“Pillar, you can’t do it, if this Zhang Bei is killed by our villagers from Bashi Village, the Jade Tripod Sect will not spare our Bashi Village.”

“Even if this Zhang Bei dies in Kai’s hands today, I reckon that the Jade Tripod Sect will not rest in peace, and then disaster will befall our Bashi Village!”

The old village chief said to the pillar!

When Pillar heard this, he directly froze, and the other villagers all shut their mouths and lowered their heads slightly!

Because the old village chief was right, they could kill one Zhang Biao to vent their anger and take revenge, but behind Zhang Biao was the whole Yuding Clan, could their Bashi village follow the Yuding Clan and fight?

“Hahahaha, I am a disciple of the Jade Tripod Sect, behind me is the Jade Tripod Sect, if you kill me, the Jade Tripod Sect will slaughter your Bashi Village clean!”

Zhang Bei was once again rampant when he heard that the old village chief was afraid that the Jade Tripod Sect wouldn’t dare to kill him!

Looking at Zhang Bei’s rampant look, although the villagers of Bashi Village were angry, they didn’t dare to say anything else!

Pillar’s face was red with anger, his hand holding the axe was trembling as he couldn’t help but look at Kai!

Kai slammed a branch down, instantly hitting the corner of Zhang Bei’s mouth, directly distorting his mouth, unable to laugh anymore!

“Old Village Chief, do you trust me, Kai?”

Kai asked as he looked at the old village chief.

“Of course I believe you!” The old village chief said!

“Well then, since you believe me, then let the pillar kill this guy, even if you kill him, the Jade Tripod Sect will not seek revenge on Bashi Village.”

Kai said slowly!

“Why?” The old village chief asked in disbelief!

“Because it won’t be long before there will no longer be a Jade Tripod Sect in this Celestial Realm ……”

Kai said with steely eyes!

When the old village chief heard this, his face was filled with surprise, but looking at Kai’s resolute eyes, the old village chief trembled slightly and said “Could it be that you want to …………”

The old village chief did not finish his sentence, but he understood the meaning of Kai’s words!

“Pillar, do it ……”

The old village chief stepped aside and said to the pillar!

As soon as Pillar heard this, he became happy and went straight for Zhang Bei with his axe!

Zhang Bei looked at the axe in Pillar’s hand, his eyes full of fear, he struggled desperately but couldn’t move, he couldn’t even make a sound!

“Go to hell, you beast ……”

Pillar gritted his teeth, eyes wide open, and slashed down fiercely!

In an instant, that Bill Zhang’s head was split in half, blood mixed with brain matter flowed everywhere!

“Revenge, revenge …………”

Pillar roared as he brandished his axe!

The villagers of Bashi Village all yelled along with him, and others went forward to vent their anger towards Zhang Bei’s corpse!


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