A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2577

When they saw Zhang Biao trying to escape, the villagers of Bashi Village all got nervous, they wanted to eat him alive, they couldn’t let him get away!

“Brother Kai, that Zhang Bei is going to escape ……”

“We must not let him escape, kill him ……”

Pillar and Yun’er shouted, alerting Kai!

“Don’t worry, he won’t be able to escape ……”

Kai’s eyes were calm as he looked at Zhang Bei who was trying to escape, the machete still swinging down slowly in his hand!

Only at this time, the blade of the woodcutting knife in Kai’s hand was expanding, just like the sun in the sky, reflecting on the entire Dashi village!

The huge blade, like a mountain, was heading heavily towards Zhang Bei!

Even if Zhang Biao wanted to escape, he could not escape the range of this huge blade!

Zhang Biao felt the huge blade and knew that he couldn’t escape, so he stopped himself and said with a fierce look in his eyes, “Kid, don’t bully people too much, do you really think that people from our Jade Tripod Sect are that easy to kill?”

Zhang Biao said, taking out a token from his waist, Zhang Biao forced out a drop of blood and dropped it on top of the token, then the token started to light up with a light, then the light formed a shield above Zhang Biao’s head!

After all, the Jade Tripod Sect is mainly a pill refining clan, and in terms of martial arts training, there is a gap compared to other clans, that’s why each disciple of the Jade Tripod Sect has a life preserving token!


The sword’s aura struck the shield, and an instant clacking sound rang out, soon the shield shattered, and the sword’s aura disappeared!

However, the aftermath of the blade cut a ravine around Zhang Bei, and countless trees were cut off, showing the power of this blade!

After the slash, the woodcutting knife in Kai’s hand finally couldn’t withstand it and instantly turned into powder, such a huge amount of divine dragon power was injected into it, it was hard for ordinary weapons to withstand it!

Seeing the wood chopper in Kai’s hand turn into powder, Zhang Bei laughed arrogantly!

“Hahahaha, I have another life preserving token, what can you do to me, you can’t kill me ……”

Zhang Bei laughed arrogantly, his laughter sounded so harsh to the ears of those villagers of Bashi Village!

Looking at the arrogantly laughing Zhang Bei, Kai’s face was icy cold as he slowly walked towards Zhang Bei!

“As I said, killing you, even a wooden stick will be enough ……”

Kai finished, bending down and casually picking up a branch of a tree!

Seeing that Kai was actually going to use the branch against himself, Zhang Bei was instantly furious!

“Kid, although I can’t beat you, you forget that I’m a medicine master!”

As Zhang Bei finished speaking, he waved forward violently, and a red powder instantly floated away, directly enveloping Kai!

“This is Bone Etching Scatter, if you get a little bit of it, your whole body will immediately fester and die, and if you inhale a little bit, your internal organs will also rot away in an instant!”

Zhang Bei was full of smugness, knowing that what their Jade Tripod Sect was best at was drugging!

Seeing that Zhang Bei had actually used poison on Kai, everyone in Dashi Village pinched a cold sweat for Kai!

Pillar and Yun’er were so nervous that they couldn’t breathe, they were afraid that something would happen to Kai!

“Bone Etching Scatter, not a bad name ……”

With the branch in his hand, Kai took a step out of the red powder that was roiling the sky!

Zhang Bei looked at Kai incredulously and asked in shock, “Why, why aren’t you poisoned?”

“I forgot to tell you, I’m actually a pharmacist too, in terms of pill-making skills, I can be called your ancestor!”

After Kai finished speaking, the tree branch in his hand swung violently!

Slap …………

With a crunching sound, the right side of Zhang Bei’s face was instantly drawn with a deep mark, and immediately afterwards it swelled right up!

Zhang Bei touched the right side of his face, his eyes looked at Kai with indignation, followed by grabbing colorful poisons from his body and throwing them towards Kai one after another!


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