A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2576

As he knocked those leaves down, Zhang Bei chopped his sword at Kai’s head!

Kai sidesteps, and the sharp sword blade slides down Kai’s ear!

The sharp blade made Kai’s skin burn with pain!

Zhang Bei dodged two moves in a row by Kai, which made him somewhat irritated!

To know that Kai was a mountain pariah in his eyes, there was no way he could follow his own comparison!

But now the pariah in his eyes, without using a weapon, had even dodged two of his attacks, which made Zhang Bei feel very humiliated!

“I’m furious, I must kill you today ……”

Zhang Bei roared in anger, the long sword in his hand instantly shot up into the sky a light, and around Zhang Bei, a wave of Qi suddenly rose up!

When Kai saw that this Zhang Bei had become furious, he smiled coldly, and then a golden light appeared on his body, and his imperishable golden body tightly wrapped around Kai!

When he saw Kai unleash his Golden Body, his whole body was wrapped in golden scales, and the light of the sword in Zhang Bei’s hand became even brighter!

“Brother Kai, here’s your weapon …………”

At this moment, Pillar yelled out, and then threw a long sword he was holding towards Kai with great effort!

Kai had no weapon in his hand, so he was definitely going to lose if he fought like this!

Kai reached out to catch the long knife that Pillar threw at him and immediately blocked it in front of him with his crossed sword!

“Hmph, a broken brass and iron, and you still want to block my blow ……”

Zhang Bei snorted coldly as his longsword swung down with vigour.

“Against you, even a wooden stick is enough ……”

Kai’s eyes narrowed slightly as a strand of divine dragon power was injected into the long sword!

The originally ordinary long blade now exploded with a golden glow and a humming sound!

Boom …………

Zhang Bei’s sword chopped down and was blocked by Kai with his long sword!

The clash of the swords erupted with an explosive thunderous sound, and a terrifying wave of Qi swept out in all directions, uprooting all the surrounding trees!

If they had fought inside Bashi Village, this move would have razed the houses around Bashi Village to the ground!

Dangling …………

Right after the swords clashed, there was the sound of metal falling to the ground!

The crowd saw that the long sword in Zhang Bei’s hand, at this moment only the hilt was still gripped in Zhang Bei’s hand, the sword body directly broke off and fell to the ground!

“This …… how is this possible?”

Zhang Biao looked at the broken sword in his hand and was directly dumbfounded!

Although the long sword in his hand was not considered a precious sword, it was a thousand times better compared to the woodcutting sword in Kai’s hand!

But now the long sword in his hand had been cut off by the woodcutting knife in Kai’s hand!

The shocked Zhang Bei felt the dangerous aura emanating from the machete in Kai’s hand, and a wave of fear rose up inside him!

He felt that he had completely muttered about Kai’s strength, to be able to use a woodcutting knife with such power, Kai’s current strength was definitely above the Reunion realm.

A hillbilly, who had the strength of a clan disciple, was comparable to some clan disciples!

Zhang Biao really couldn’t understand how such an expert like Kai could have appeared in Bashi Village!

“It’s time to take revenge for the villagers of Bashi Village ……”

Kai slowly raised the machete in his hand, and the light on the machete steeply expanded!

The sky was filled with golden light, reflecting on Zhang Bei’s terrified face!

“No …… you can’t kill me, I’m from the Jade Tripod Sect, my master is ……”

Zhang Bei was scared and brought out his clan to scare Kai!

But Kai didn’t even listen, not waiting for him to finish, the knife in his hand swung down!

This Zhang Bei didn’t even know that it was useless to bring out his master, who had already kowtowed and knelt to Kai, so would Kai be afraid of him?

Feeling Kai’s powerful blade, Zhang Bei stomped his feet and strode backwards!

Zhang Bei wanted to escape, he knew he was no match for Kai!


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