A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2575

“Don’t worry old village elder, Ally is fine, someone is watching over him.”

“Are those two brutes still inside the village? I’ll go and slaughter them now.”

Kai asked, full of anger.

“Kai, don’t be impulsive, that Wu Feiyu has already left, only Zhang Bei is left in the village, can you beat that Zhang Bei with your current strength?”

The old village chief was worrying that even if Kai came back, he would not be a match for that Zhang Bei at all!

Once Kai heard that Wu Feiyu had left and only Zhang Bei was left by himself, he had even less to fear!

“Old village chief don’t worry, I will make that Zhang Bei’s life worse than death in front of everyone ……”

“Where is he now? Take me there!”

Kai said confidently to the old village chief!

Seeing how confident Kai was, the old village headman nodded and took Kai over there!

At this moment, Bill Zhang was drinking and eating, shaking his head in disbelief!

“Old thing, the wine is gone, hurry up and bring the wine ……”

Zhang Bill yelled for the old village chief to get the wine!

Just as Zhang Bei finished speaking, a figure rushed in and slapped a palm towards Zhang Bei!

Zhang Bill was instantly enraged as he got a jolt “Damn, a bunch of villagers in the mountains, how dare they attack me ……”

Zhang Bill drew out his long sword and instantly exploded with sword light, the whole room was filled with sword light!

The countless sword mane, cut the whole room to pieces, while Zhang Bill’s body flew into the sky and slowly fell to the side!

But when he saw the person who had attacked him, he was instantly frozen!

“So it’s you kid, you’re finally back ……”

After Zhang Bei found out that it was Kai who had returned, his face showed surprise!

But Kai didn’t say a word as a tyrannical aura erupted from his body, filling the entire Bashi Village!

At this moment, the surprise disappeared from Zhang Bei’s face, and he then frowned slightly and said, “What kind of strength is this kid of yours? In just a few days, how could your strength have grown so quickly? Did you hide your strength before?”

From Kai’s outburst of aura, Bill Zhang had noticed that Kai’s strength had increased a lot!

But it had only been a few days, how could a person’s strength grow so quickly?

If he hadn’t grown in the past few days, then it must be because Kai had hidden his strength in the past!

“Today I will take revenge for the people of Bashi Village, I will break you into pieces ……”

Kai said in one word!

“Humph, with you, even if you hide your strength, you are still a countryside pariah, can you still fight against me, a genuine disciple of the Jade Tripod Sect?”

“Today I’ll show you the difference between you, a countryside pariah, and a disciple of our famous sect ……”

As Zhang Bei finished speaking, the longsword in his hand instantly blossomed into a brilliant light, while his body steeply headed towards Kai!

Zhang Bei’s speed was as fast as lightning, and that messy sword qi was even straight towards Kai’s throat!

Kai’s body jerked backwards and his feet kicked as he leapt straight out of Bashi Village and landed in the mountains outside!

“Since I’m here, there’s no way I’m letting you get away!”

Zhang Bei thought that Kai was going to run, so he chased after him with a cold laugh!

But Kai wasn’t even trying to run away, he wouldn’t run away either, he just didn’t want to fight within Bashi Village, after all, if people of their realm fought, the whole Bashi Village would suffer along with them then!

Everyone in Bashi Village was watching nervously, all secretly sweating for Kai!

Facing Zhang Bei who was coming after him, Kai slammed his palm on a tree beside him!

The tree shook and thousands of leaves fell from its branches, then Kai pushed his palm forward and the leaves were like a sharp weapon, rushing towards Zhang Bei!

“Hmph, a small skill of carving insects ……”

Zhang Bei coldly snorted, then the long swords in his hands swung up, knocking down those leaves one after another!


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