A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2574

Inside the village of Bashi, another villager has been killed in the square by Zhang Biao!

Although everyone in Bashi Village was angry, there was nothing they could do, because in front of Zhang Bei and Wu Feiyu, they were lambs to the slaughter, without the slightest room for resistance!

What’s more, they didn’t dare to follow the Jade Tripod Sect and face the consequences of having their whole village slaughtered!

At that moment, a token on Wu Feiyu’s waist suddenly flashed with light, and after taking it off, Wu Feiyu’s face became a little nervous and ugly!

“Senior brother, what’s wrong?”

Zhang Bei asked to Wu Feiyu!

“Master is beckoning me back ……”

Wu Feiyu frowned and looked tense!

Now that he didn’t have the Immortal Crane Grass, he would definitely be punished if he went back like this, but now that Master was beckoning, he couldn’t not go!

“Senior brother, you should go back and follow your master to resume your orders first, I’ll keep watch here, as soon as that Kai comes back, I’ll just grab that brat and bring him to the Jade Tripod Sect!”

Zhang Bei said to Wu Feiyu!

Zhang Bill did not want to go back and be punished as well.

Wu Feiyu looked at Zhang Bei, then said “That Kai’s strength is not low, you yourself are afraid …………”

“Don’t worry senior brother, I will definitely clean that kid up, if I can’t even deal with a mountain villager, won’t it ruin the reputation of my Jade Tripod Sect!”

“You go back and repeat your orders to your master, tell him that the Immortal Crane Grass will arrive two days later!”

Zhang Bei said with a confident face!

The two men didn’t even know that their master had already known the whereabouts of the Immortal Crane Grass, and had even knelt down to Kai!

“Alright then, don’t be merciful here, if you still can’t see that Kai tomorrow, just kill both of them.”

“These untouchables just have to be punished so that they will be afraid and will really do your bidding!”

Wu Feiyu said to Zhang Bei!

“Don’t worry, senior brother, if I don’t see that Kai in three days, I’ll slaughter this village ……”

Although Zhang Bill was called a divine doctor, he did not have the slightest bit of medical ethics, but was a murderous demon!

Wu Feiyu nodded, then left Bashi Village and went back to follow his master to resume his orders!

Zhang Biao had the old village chief prepare good wine and food for him, but he didn’t even know that his death was imminent!

At this moment, Kai was rushing towards Bashi Village as fast as he could.

Kai had now recovered 70% of his strength and was able to use many of his tricks, so he was not afraid of Zhang Bei and Wu Feiyu!

What’s more, the people of Bashi Village were now in danger, and they were brought there by themselves!

Just as Kai hurried back to Bashi Village, the expressions of the people of Bashi Village became excited when they saw that Kai had returned!

And when Pillar and Yun’er saw Kai, they all burst into tears!

“Brother Kai, you’ve finally come back, those brutes kill people every day!”

“Brother Kai, you must avenge us, avenge us!”

Pillar and Yun’er were both crying with great sadness!

They had witnessed their folks being killed every day and had long suppressed their anger in their hearts!

Kai swept his gaze across the square not far away, only to see several corpses lying in the square, these were the people that Zhang Bei had killed in the past few days, and was not allowed to collect the corpses, in order to shock the people of Bashi Village!

“Don’t worry guys, I will break them into pieces ……”

Kai gritted his teeth, his fists clenched, and a roiling murderous aura rose up!

The old village chief seemed to sense something, also hurriedly ran out, after seeing Kai, the old village chief’s expression did not change, directly quickly step forward said “Kai, A Li went to look for you, did you see?”

The old village chief was worried about Ah Li’s safety, after all, Ah Li was the backbone of the young generation of Bashi village!


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