A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2573

Princess Isha looked at the book in Kai’s hand, while Kai explained, “I wrote this myself, a medicine refining technique for the beast race, and it contains many medicine refining techniques and medicinal knowledge, all of which can be practiced by the beast race.”

“You wrote it?” Princess Isha’s face was full of shock as she took the book and casually flipped through it, finding that what was written in it was really some pill refining techniques, knowing that there were no such books in their book collection!

Princess Isha looked at Kai with curiosity and admiration in her eyes as she slowly handed the book back to Kai!

Seeing the way Princess Isha looked at Kai, Huben was furious!

“This book doesn’t belong to our Book Depository, it’s okay to bring it out!”

Princess Isha said to Huben!

“Princess, as a great general of the Imperial City Guards, I must not ……”

Snap …………

Before Huben could finish his words, Princess Isha stepped forward and gave him a slap on the mouth!

“Remember, when I say it’s okay, it’s okay, don’t you dare go against my word?”

Rage rose from Princess Isha!

When Huben saw this, he lowered his head and stopped talking.

“Let’s go ……”

Princess Isha took Kai and left!

Looking at Princess Isha and Kai’s back, the sinister look in Huben’s eyes intensified.

“Princess Isha, is there something you want to see me about?”

Kai asked as he turned to Princess Isha!

For Princess Isha to come to the Book Collection Pavilion, she must have come to find herself, and could never be looking for that Huben.

“Lang Feng came to the Imperial City to look for me, saying that he was a friend of yours, covered in wounds and looking for you, as if he said something about something happening in Bashi Village ……”

Princess Isha said after Kai!

When Kai heard this, his entire body froze, and a terrifying killing intent permeated his body!

This sudden change made Princess Isha feel a little scared!

“Where is that friend of mine?”

Kai asked with a murderous aura.

“He’s protected by Lang Feng, he’ll be fine, Lang Feng is at the city gates now.”

Princess Isha looked at Kai like that and said with some trepidation!

Upon hearing this, Kai handed the book in his hand to Princess Isha and said “Give this book to your father and tell him to pick some talented people to cultivate.”

After Kai finished speaking, he ran towards the entrance of the city as fast as he could!

“Hey, wait for me ……”

Princess Isha chased after him!

Kai saw Lang Feng at the door and immediately rushed up and said “Where is my friend, where is he?”

“Your friend is injured and is still in the jungle of the mountain range, but I have sent a dozen demon wolves to protect him, he will be fine.”

Lang Feng said!

“Take me, take me to him right now!”

Kai stepped forward and grabbed Lang Feng’s shoulder hard and urged!

Lang Feng glanced at Princess Isha, who nodded “Take him there, and from now on you will listen to him ……”

Although Lang Feng did not understand, but Princess Isha had said so, he could only comply!

“Come with me ……”

Lang Feng took Kai and left quickly!

Princess Isha looked at Kai’s back, her eyes once again had a change, she felt that blood-curdling feeling of a man from Kai’s body!

Lang Feng took Kai and found Ally, who was now covered in bruises and fainted on the ground!

Kai hurriedly went forward and channeled a spiritual energy into Ah Li’s body, and after a few moments, Ah Li slowly opened his eyes!

“Kai …… Kai …………”

When he opened his eyes and saw Kai, Ah Li excitedly grabbed Kai’s arm “Quickly save Bashi Village, quickly save Bashi Village ……”

“Ah Li, take it easy, what’s going on?”

Kai asked to Ah Li!

Ah Li told what Zhang Bei and Wu Fei Yu had done in Bashi Village!

Kai’s face was now gloomy to the core and his eyes were full of murderous anger!

It seemed to be just as he had suspected, it was really Zhang Bei and Wu Feiyu who had gone to Bashi Village, and they would not stand by and watch the Immortal Crane Grass being taken away from them!

“Lang Feng, you help me take care of Ah Li ……”

After Kai entrusted Ah Li to Lang Feng, he flew towards Bashi Village!


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