A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2572

Inside the Book Depository, a golden light outlined outside Kai’s body, dozens of Beast acupuncture points were flushed open, and in that very moment, Kai seemed to have a kind of enlightenment, he felt his transformation from human to Beast!

“I can now transform the breath in my body at will, so that I can also cultivate beast race techniques!”

Kai was filled with excitement, and then looked when flipped through the books on the Beast Clan’s merit techniques!

Kai found the simplest Beast Merit Method, and after immersing his divine sense into his body, he began to run this Beast Merit Method!

In an instant, Kai’s body began to crackle and pop, every bone seemed to break, followed by his muscles becoming bulging!

Kai’s height was rising, and the power within his body was also increasing exponentially.

Only at this moment, Kai’s appearance became somewhat strange, inhuman and ghostly, very terrifying!

After exhaling a deep breath, Kai’s body slowly recovered!

Although this gong method was very simple and could only increase one’s strength instantly, it was not very useful, but it proved that Kai could learn some beast gong methods in the future!

Kai still kept his beast acupuncture points open, and then began to run the pill refining technique according to the memory in his consciousness!

Under the operation, Kai realised that these pill refining techniques were originally prepared for the human race, so it was very difficult to use the beast race’s body structure to operate pill refining techniques!

However, this was nothing to Kai, who began to improve the pill refining techniques according to the body structure and acupuncture points of the beast race!

Kai kept experimenting and then taking notes, and soon recorded a whole book of pill refining techniques, with a lot of medicinal knowledge in it.

“These are enough to learn for a while ……”

Kai looked at the thick masterpiece in his hand and smiled in satisfaction!

Kai took the books he had authored and walked out of the Book Depository, and was somewhat surprised when he found Huben guarding the outside with his men!

But Kai didn’t pay any attention to him, but walked past Huben!

“Stand still ……”

Huben shouted Kai to a halt!

“What’s wrong?” Kai stopped and looked at Huben “I went to the Book Collection this time, but your Demon Emperor allowed it, do you still want to arrest me?”

“The Demon Emperor allowed you to read the books in the Library, but he didn’t allow you to take them away?”

“Hand over the books in your hand, the books in our Book Depository are not allowed to be taken out.”

It was because Tiger Ben saw the book in Kai’s hand that he stopped him!

“This is not a book from your Book Depository, it is my own writing.”

Kai explained!

“You wrote it?” Huben sneered “What proof do you have that you wrote it? Hand over the book immediately, or I will take you to the Demon Emperor.”

Tiger Ben had a lot of animosity towards Kai, he didn’t like humans, and even more so, he didn’t like humans who followed Princess Isha very close!

“Go and get your demon emperor ……”

Kai didn’t bother to follow this Huben’s nonsense!

“You can see the Demon Emperor just because you want to? Our Demon Emperor has shown mercy and was able to let you observe in the Book Collection, which is already a great mercy, and you still want to take the book away.”

“Now hand over the book and obediently follow me to the Demon Emperor to ask for forgiveness, if not, don’t blame me for being ungracious.”

Huben flashed his weapon, and as soon as Kai refused, he would immediately strike!

At that moment, Princess Isha hurriedly came and saw that Huben was fighting against Kai, so she sternly said to him “Huben, what are you doing? Do you want to rebel? The Demon Emperor told you to protect Kai, not to fight with him.”

“Princess Isha, even if he’s reading books in the Book Collection, he’s actually taking them out ……”

Hu Ben said with an aggrieved look!


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