A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2571

Only after discovering this did Kai realise why no one in the Beast Clan could learn the art of pill-making, which did not seem difficult to him at all!

“I have the aura of a divine beast in me, I wonder if I can open the beast acupuncture points on my body?”

Kai looked at the books and began to delve into them, if he wanted to teach the beast races to become pill masters, he would have to follow these beast races just as much!

Thinking of this, Kai slowly made his way to the ground, looked at the beast race books in front of him, and slowly closed his eyes!

Kai’s divine sense dived into his body, followed by the spiritual energy that had been drawn into his body and began to swim away!

Originally, all this spiritual energy was swimming along the acupuncture points of the humans in his body, and subsequently forming all kinds of power and protection in his body!

Now, on the other hand, Kai was guiding these spiritual energies, constantly striking those places in his body that appeared to have no acupuncture channels!

In fact, in the beast race, there were acupuncture points in all these places!

Kai pounded his spiritual energy again and again, and the intense pain made Kai sweat profusely!

Kai had no idea if his body would possess acupuncture points here like the beast race, he was just trying over and over again, but it was dangerous, but for the sake of his hall not being restricted, Kai could only fight!

Just as Kai was in the Book Depository, trying to make it possible for one of the Beast Clan to cultivate into if!

Deep in the mountain range, Ally was trudging on, covered in wounds!

At this moment, Ah Li was in rags and had an unknown number of wounds on his body, it was a miracle that he was able to walk deep into the mountain range with this kind of strength!

“Kai, where are you, where are you …………”

Ah Li leaned on a big tree and yelled out in grief and anger!

He knew that as long as he couldn’t find Kai, then the villagers of Bashi Village would suffer for one day!

But now, he was almost exhausted, and the wounds he had sustained made it difficult for him to move forward, and if he couldn’t find Kai, the village would suffer!

Gritting his teeth, Ally poured a mouthful of water into his own mouth before desperately moving forward again!

But just two steps away, a fierce demon wolf blocked the way!

Looking at the demonic wolf in front of him, Ally’s face instantly turned ashen, for he knew that he was no longer capable of facing a demonic wolf!

Ali fell to his knees, tears falling from his eyes, because at that moment he could think of what would happen to his folks!

“God, you are so unfair, why, why on earth ……”

“We have had such a hard time, yet we have to suffer so much misfortune. ……”

Ally knelt on the ground and cursed God!

But the demon wolf in front of him, with fangs bared and excitement in his eyes, took a step towards Ally!

In the eyes of the demon wolves, Ally was just a prey, these demon wolves had no feelings or thoughts!

Ali faced the wolves without the slightest panic, his face was expressionless, his face was inexorable!

“Ow! …………”

The demon wolf let out a roar, then pounced towards Ah Li, and its bloody mouth bit towards Ah Li’s head!

Ally closed his eyes and waited for death to take its place!

But just in the nick of time, the demon wolf that had pounced on Ah Li was suddenly kicked out!

Hearing the sound, Ah Li hurriedly opened his eyes and found that it was Lang Feng in front of him!

After seeing Lang Feng, the demon wolf that had been kicked away instantly fell to the ground and turned into a docile form!

“What are you doing here?”

Lang Feng asked as he turned to Ally.

“Quick, go and find Kai and tell him that something has happened in Bashi Village ……”

Ah Li said with his last strength!

After saying these words, Ali directly fainted, looking at the fainted Ali, Lang Feng’s brow furrowed, then he threw back his head and let out a long whistle, soon a dozen demon wolves came running!

Lang Feng told these demon wolves to watch over Ali, and then he quickly ran in the direction of Demon Emperor City!


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