A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2570

Patriarch Hu was stunned, his smile frozen on his face as he looked incredulously at Demon Emperor Yih, “Demon Emperor Yih, what do you mean by that? Are you going to make an enemy of our Jade Tripod Sect for this brat?”

“You have to know the consequences of making enemies with our Jade Tripod Sect, when the time comes, no one will refine pills for your imperial city, and someone might even unite with other imperial cities and outlaw you outright!”

Patriarch Hu threatened at the Ichthus Demon Emperor, but he completely ignored the Ichthus Demon Emperor’s attitude towards Kai!

The fact that Kai was able to reprimand the Ikh Demon Emperor like a child meant that the Ikh Demon Emperor treated Kai ten times more respectfully than he treated Patriarch Hu!

“Even if you outlaw me now, you’ll still have to kneel down to Chen ……”

After Ikh Demon Emperor finished speaking, an appalling aura instantly erupted from his body, an aura that was thick with blood and had the kind of rage of the beast race!

Feeling the aura from the Ichthus Demon Emperor, Patriarch Hu’s body trembled continuously, how could he not understand why this Ichthus Demon Emperor would not hesitate to make an enemy of himself for the sake of such a hairy boy like Kai, without risking the safety of the entire Imperial City!

“Kneel down, and you can go, or else …………”

Kai looked towards the trembling Patriarch Hu, his eyes dense with killing intent!

Patriarch Hu gritted his teeth, his face turned red, and finally knelt down helplessly!

After kowtowing to Kai, Patriarch Hu’s eyes looked angrily at Kai and said, “Remember, I will pay back today’s humiliation twice over …………”

As Patriarch Hu left, Demon Emperor Yih looked excitedly at Kai and said, “Mr. Chen, I really didn’t expect your pill refining skills to be so brilliant, from now on, the pills in this Imperial City will no longer have to be restricted.”

In the past, in order to hire a human pharmacist, Emperor Yih had to pay a lot of resources and be respectful, but now that Kai was a pharmacist, and his pill-making skills were much more advanced than other pharmacists, he no longer had to beg!

But Kai laughed bitterly and said, “Although I know how to make pills, I can’t stay here and make pills for you all the time, you have to train your own pillsmiths!”

“Take me to your library, I’ll see if I can decipher the secret of why the beasts can’t become pill masters.”

As soon as the Ichthus Demon Emperor heard that Kai wanted to help him train pill masters, he excitedly led Kai towards the Book Depository!

“Mr. Chen, I’ll recruit an interpreter for you to come, this is all in my beast race’s script, you can’t read it!”

The Ikh Demon Emperor said to Kai!

But Kai waved his hand and said “No, I can read it, you just need to send someone to watch the portal and don’t let anyone disturb me ……”

“You can read?” Emperor Yih looked at Kai in shock, he really couldn’t understand how Kai could understand the beast writing!

But on second thought, Kai had the aura of a divine dragon on his body, half of his bloodline was of the beast race, so it shouldn’t be surprising that he could read the beast race writing!

Emperor Yih had sent Huben with his forbidden troops to guard the outside of the book collection pavilion, forbidding anyone to disturb Kai!

This fellow Huben couldn’t have been more depressed, as he had initially shouted to catch Kai in the Book Depository and tried to punish him for it!

But now, he had to guard the door while others were openly reading books in the library!

Kai was in the Book Depository, looking through the various books of the beasts!

As Kai read more and more books, he learned more and more about the beast race!

It turned out that the acupuncture points of the beast race were not the same as those of humans, even though these beasts had transformed into human forms, the acupuncture points were still different!

Although some acupuncture points overlap, others are different, and the cultivation techniques of humans and beasts are also different, each with their own characteristics!


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