A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2569

“Dan clouds are only created when refining pills, but they don’t appear every time a pill is refined, the appearance of this Dan cloud proves that the grade of the pill being refined is very high, the bigger the Dan cloud the higher the grade of the pill!”

“It seems that the medicinal power of this Immortal Crane Grass is great, after only ten minutes of refining, it has actually produced such a large Dan cloud!”

Kai explained after the Ichthus Demon Emperor!

“This should be due to Mr. Chen’s superior pill refining skills, if it were anyone else, I’m afraid they wouldn’t have been able to refine it at all.”

There were words in Emperor Ikh’s words, clearly addressed to that Patriarch Hu!

At this moment, Patriarch Hu had ten thousand head of grass mud horses running through his heart.

Now that the Dan clouds had all appeared, it was proof that the worry Kai had refined was of a high grade, an absolute high grade elixir, not a waste elixir at all!

Now Patriarch Hu was only begging for Kai’s elixir not to cure Elder Pei’s daughter!

Although the elixir was high grade, if the medicine was not the right one, it was useless even if it was high grade!

But at that moment, an excited shout suddenly came from inside the room.

“Miss has woken up, Miss has woken up …………”

Along with the shout, everyone rushed into the room and saw that Elder Pei’s daughter had opened her eyes and her face was much rosier!

“Daughter, you …… you’ve finally woken up ……”

Elder Pei burst into old tears and jumped head first!

“Dad ……” Elder Pei’s daughter also cried out!

A moment later, Elder Pei gave Kai a poof and knelt down “Mr. Chen, I will never forget your great kindness.”

“Elder Pei, this is just a hand up, let your daughter get out of bed and move around, after lying down for so many years, her body needs to recover slowly before she can do so!”

Kai helped Elder Pei up!

Elder Pei nodded and personally helped his daughter out of bed before slowly starting to walk!

The Ikh Demon Emperor was happy to see Elder Pei’s daughter getting better!

Princess Isha, in particular, was looking at Kai with a little more change in her eyes at this moment!

She didn’t expect this unassuming human to have such brilliant medical skills, and to have the compassion to go out of his way to follow Patriarch Hu for an unrelated girl!

“The potion has been practiced and the person has been cured, is it time for you to kneel down?”

Kai said as he looked towards Patriarch Hu!

Patriarch Hu was slightly stunned, then said, “Kid, how could I, the Jade Tripod Patriarch, kneel down for you, don’t dream, I was just joking!”

Patriarch Hu was ready to play dirty, there was no way he would kneel down for Kai!

“You want to play dirty?” Kai’s eyes faintly stared.

“I’ll cheat, what can you do? Didn’t you just rely on the Divine Peasant Cauldron and Immortal Crane Grass in your hand to cure that girl?”

“Without those things, what are you, but this Divine Nong Cauldron of yours is a good thing, if you give it to me, I can give you an elder position in the Jade Cauldron Sect!”

Patriarch Hu had taken a fancy to Kai’s Shennong Cauldron and shamelessly started asking for it!

Kai sneered “Is someone like you worthy of owning the Shennong Cauldron? If you don’t kneel today, then you won’t be able to walk out of this Imperial City!”

“Hahahaha, you are too crazy, does this Imperial City belong to your family, is the Ichthus Demon Emperor here, do you think he would dare to say such a thing?”

Patriarch Hu laughed out loud, he knew that the Ichthus Demon Emperor would never dare to do anything to him!

The threat of Kai alone, he could completely ignore, as far as Kai’s current strength was concerned, Patriarch Hu didn’t even put it into his eyes!

“Sovereign Hu, if you don’t kneel, then you really won’t be able to walk out of my Imperial City!”

The Ikh Demon Emperor said with an icy face!

In front of Kai and Patriarch Hu, of course, the Ikh Demon Emperor unconditionally obeyed Kai’s words, Patriarch Hu was nothing!

The respect he had for Patriarch Hu at the beginning was only because he had to beg!


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