A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2567

“It’s nonsense, such a serious illness, so possible that a single pill can cure it!”

Patriarch Hu laughed coldly and said.

“If you can’t heal it, that only means you can’t heal it, you’re too stupid ……”

After Kai finished speaking, he walked straight to the courtyard and took the Divine Nong Cauldron out of his storage ring!

When Patriarch Hu saw the Shennong Cauldron that Kai took out, his entire body froze, his eyes straightened as he looked straight at Kai’s Shennong Cauldron!

However, Demon Emperor Yih and Elder Pei didn’t understand, so they didn’t have any change in expression when they saw Kai take out the Shennong Cauldron, but the fact that Kai could change a medicinal cauldron out of thin air meant that Kai must have something like a storage ring on his person!

To be able to possess such a thing was remarkable even in the Celestial Realm, one had to know that this kind of storage type of thing required the use of a spatial technique.

With that, Kai put the Divine Peasant Cauldron away as the crowd watched, and then took out the Immortal Crane Grass as well!

The moment Kai took out the Immortal Crane Grass, Patriarch Hu’s brow furrowed and his body leapt towards Kai!

Seeing this, the Ichthus Demon Emperor at the side instantly shot out his hand to stop that Patriarch Hu!

With the Ikh Demon Emperor present, there was no way he could watch someone take a swing at Kai!

“Patriarch Hu, what are you doing?”

Demon Emperor Yih said with a grim look on his face!

“Immortal Crane Grass, that’s Immortal Crane Grass, why is this Immortal Crane Grass in this man’s hands?”

Patriarch Hu yelled out loud!

The Ichthus Demon Emperor looked at Kai, he didn’t know why Kai had the Immortal Crane Grass either, but Princess Isha knew, but she didn’t say anything!

“Why can’t I have the Immortal Crane Grass? Does this Immortal Crane Grass belong to your family?”

Kai questioned at Patriarch Hu!

Patriarch Hu shook his head “It’s not my family’s.”

“Since it doesn’t belong to your family, what do you care? I picked up this immortal crane grass from the road.”

Kai deliberately irritated Patriarch Hu!

At this moment, Patriarch Hu had long inwardly cursed the two disciples, Wu Feiyu and Zhang Biao, to death for sending them to pick the immortal crane grass, and now this immortal crane grass was in someone else’s hands!

“It’s simply too wasteful for you to use the Immortal Crane Grass to make an elixir to cure this girl, I can exchange it with you for other herbs, can I?”

Patriarch Hu inquired as he turned to Kai!

He wanted to follow Kai with other medicinal herbs in exchange, after all, this immortal herb, which was worth a fortune, to refine a pill to save an ordinary girl, was really a waste!

But who knew that Kai coldly laughed and said “Compared to a life, this is just a grass, there is nothing to waste ……”

Kai said, directly throwing the Immortal Crane Grass into the Divine Peasant Cauldron, followed by a pinch of his finger, a spirit fire pulsed at his fingertips, and then Kai threw the spirit fire into the Divine Peasant Cauldron!

“Wasteful, simply too wasteful, do you know how to make pills or not? This Immortal Crane Grass Pill Refining, how can you practice it like this ……”

Patriarch Hu looked at the way Kai was refining his pills, and was immediately heartbroken as he pounded his chest!

He had never seen this kind of pill refining before, in the end, he was afraid that the pill would not be completed and that immortal crane grass would be turned into ashes!

“Do you care if I can or can’t? The stuff is mine, I can refine it however I like!”

Kai had rendered Patriarch Hu speechless!

On the side, Elder Pei and Demon Emperor Yih also tensed up, they too had never seen such a way of refining pills, but no one dared to say anything now that the matter had come to this!

They could only pray in their hearts that Kai would succeed, but Elder Pei was inwardly grateful that Kai was able to bring out something as valuable as the Immortal Crane Grass to refine a pill for his daughter!

Ten minutes later, along with a puff of smoke rising from the divine Nong Cauldron, a burst of medicinal fragrance filled the air!

“Hmph, not listening to advice, a good Immortal Crane Herb was destroyed like this!”

Seeing the smoke rising from the Shennong Cauldron, Patriarch Hu snorted coldly!


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