A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2566

When Elder Pei heard this, he froze, this Patriarch Hu was obviously taking advantage of the opportunity to extort!

But at this point in time, even if it was blackmail, what could he do, Elder Pei could only turn his gaze towards the Ichthus Demon Emperor!

“Patriarch Hu, what else do you want, just say it!”

Although the Ikh Demon Emperor was angry inside, he could only force himself to ask.

“I want to increase the beast pills to three hundred ……”

Patriarch Hu said!

“Three hundred?” Demon Emperor Yih and Elder Pei were all startled!

To know that each Beast Pill represented a Demon Beast, these three hundred Beast Pills meant that three hundred Demon Beasts would have to be sacrificed to do so!

Although these demon beasts had not opened their minds and had not taken human form, they were still their kin after all!

“If you think it’s too much, then ask someone else!”

With that, Patriarch Hu made a move to leave!

“I promise you, Patriarch Hu just heal Elder Pei’s daughter and I’ll promise you!”

Demon Emperor Yih could only compromise!

Seeing that Demon Emperor Yih had compromised, Patriarch Hu then smiled in satisfaction and prepared to step forward and start the consultation!

“Hold on ……”

Just as Patriarch Hu was about to diagnose and treat him, he was shouted at by Kai!

Patriarch Hu looked at Kai in surprise and said “What do you want?”

“This girl doesn’t need to be seen by you, and you won’t be able to take a beast pellet from here.”

“For someone like you, your medical skills are not much better, for this kind of illness, it can be cured in three hours, how dare you say it will take a long time?”

“You are not deceiving, that means you are not good at healing!”

Kai said indifferently.

“What, I can’t do medicine?” Patriarch Hu instantly raised his voice, knowing that he had the highest medical skill in hundreds of miles around here!

“Yih Demon Emperor, who the hell is this fellow? How dare he even question my medical skills?”

Patriarch Hu asked as he turned to the Ikh Demon Emperor.

Emperor Yih’s face was full of difficulty as he looked at Kai and said “Mr. Chen, you …………”

But Kai waved his hand and said “Don’t worry, I can heal Elder Pei’s daughter, and it won’t take long, as long as you take my pills, you will definitely be cured in three hours.”

The reason why Kai was so confident was because he had recovered his strength to the point where he could refine high grade pills, and he still had an Immortal Crane Herb on him, so as long as he used the Divine Nong Cauldron to refine the Immortal Crane Herb into a pill, Elder Pei’s daughter would be healed very quickly!

Although that Immortal Crane Grass was an immortal grass and was worth a fortune, it was nothing compared to a human life!

Seeing how confident Kai was, Demon Emperor Yih stopped talking!

Even when the Ikh Demon Emperor stopped speaking, Elder Pei did not dare to say anything, even though he was anxious!

On the contrary, Princess Isha looked at Kai and said “Kai, don’t brag, this is a matter of human life, if you can’t cure it and delay the healing, I will kill you ……”

The moment Ichthus Demon Emperor heard that his daughter dared to say the words to kill Kai, his eyes immediately glared and he was about to reprimand Princess Isha, but he was stopped by Kai’s hand!

“Fine, if I can’t heal you, you’ll kill me!”

Kai said with a faint smile!

When Patriarch Hu saw this, he turned red with anger and said, “Fine, since you guys are letting this hairless kid look at it, then let him look at it, I would like to see what he is capable of.”

“If anything happens later, don’t say I didn’t warn you guys, I won’t do anything if you give me anything!”

Patriarch Hu stood to the side with his hands behind his back, not caring about anything, he would wait to see what a joke Kai would be!

Kai stepped forward and gently probed the girl’s wrist before walking out with a clear mind!

Seeing that Kai had only probed the girl’s wrist and left, Elder Pei hurriedly went after her and asked, “Mr. Chen, my daughter is …………”

“Don’t worry, Elder Pei, I’ll go outside and make a pill to ensure your daughter’s recovery!”

Kai said to Elder Pei comfortingly!


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