A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2565

“It was recorded in the ancient books of our beast clan that once there were pill refiners in our beast clan, but they slowly disappeared and have never appeared again!”

The Ikh Demon Emperor said!

Kai frowned slightly, he himself had the aura of a divine beast and was considered to be half of the beast race bloodline, since he could, then the beast race should be able to too!

Kai decided to study why beasts could not become pill refiners, if not he would improve his pill refining skills, otherwise the Ichthus Demon Emperor and the others would always be under the control of the human race!

“Where is Elder Pei’s daughter? Show me, maybe I can cure her too, and if I can, then tell that Patriarch Hu to get lost!”

Kai hadn’t seen Elder Pei’s daughter yet, and he didn’t dare to rashly tell that Patriarch Hu to get lost!

If he couldn’t heal herself, wouldn’t he be putting the other party in harm’s way!

When the Ichthus Demon Emperor heard this, he was immediately surprised and said “Hall Master, are you also a medicine master?”

“I only know a little bit about it, take me to see it first!”

Kai said modestly!

But just as Demon Emperor Yih was about to take Kai to meet Elder Pei’s daughter, a guard hurriedly came running!

“Such panic, what’s happening?”

Seeing the flustered guard, Demon Emperor Yih asked grimly!

“In reply to the Demon Emperor, Elder Pei’s daughter has suddenly worsened and is spitting blood from her mouth, I’m afraid she won’t make it ……”

The guard said hurriedly.

“What?” The moment the Ichthus Demon Emperor heard this, he immediately became nervous, thus it could be seen that this Ichthus Demon Emperor had long regarded that Elder Pei’s daughter as his own daughter!

“Quickly go and call out Elder Pei and the others, and don’t forget to call on Patriarch Hu ……”

The Ichthus Demon Emperor said to the guards!

Soon Elder Pei and the others came out, and that Patriarch Hu followed them out of the courtyard!

Elder Pei and Princess Isha were also anxious, but that Patriarch Hu was relaxed and unhurried!

“Patriarch Hu, my daughter is dying, please you must save her, I beg you ……”

Elder Pei was beside Patriarch Hu, constantly begging!

And that Patriarch Hu swept a glance at Kai, then said “Saving your daughter is fine, but I haven’t had enough of that girl just now, after controlling your daughter’s condition, you have to send that girl to me, so that I can continue to play with her ……”

The first thing that I would like to do is to look at the demon emperor, after all, this kind of thing, to the demon emperor to make the decision, just now it is the demon emperor to let the person carried away, Pei elder would not dare to make the decision to send back!

“Sovereign Hu, as long as you are willing to help, everything is at your disposal ……”

The Ichthus Demon Emperor could only beg and plead at this point and promise that Patriarch Hu!

After saying that, Yih demon emperor secretly glanced at Kai, if Kai did not agree at this time, then he could only watch Elder Pei’s daughter die, Kai’s words, he could not disobey!

As a hall of the Heavenly Dragon Hall, Ikh Demon Emperor knew that the main thing was loyalty, he must not disobey Kai’s orders!

But Kai didn’t say anything, and only then did the Ichthus Demon Emperor secretly let out a sigh of relief!

Seeing that Emperor Yih’s Demon had agreed, the corners of Patriarch Hu’s mouth lifted slightly and he smiled provocatively towards Kai.

Kai did not pay any attention to him, his face was calm. Without knowing Elder Pei’s daughter’s condition, he could only let this Patriarch Hu fool around for a while!

The crowd quickly arrived at Patriarch Hu’s daughter’s room, only to see a lot of blood inside the room, Elder Pei’s daughter’s face was pale and her weak breathing was almost gone, just like a dead person!

“Patriarch Hu, how could this happen, how could this happen? You quickly help to see ……”

When Elder Pei saw his daughter’s condition, his heart had long been in a state of anxiety!

“Your daughter’s condition is more serious than I thought, but it’s not unsalvageable, this will take a little longer to work.”

“Since the time has increased, I think it’s time for our reward to go up a bit too!”

Patriarch Hu said unhurriedly!


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