A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2564

Kai would never allow this to happen to his own hall, no matter what kind of VIP that Patriarch Hu was!

Now that this Demon Emperor City was a hall of the Heavenly Dragon Hall, then the people here were also considered Kai’s subordinates, and Kai would not watch his subordinates being bullied and not care!

The demon emperor’s face turned red and white as he was lectured by Kai, while Elder Pei looked at Kai with astonishment, no one dared to say that about the demon emperor here!

Even if this Patriarch Hu had begged him, he wouldn’t dare to reprimand the Demon Emperor like that!

“How dare you, how dare you speak to my father like that?”

Princess Isha said angrily when she saw that Kai dared to rebuke her own father!

“You shut up!” Emperor Yih glared at Princess Isha and told her to shut her mouth, then humbly looked at Kai and whispered, “Mr. Chen, please take a step aside and let me explain to you!”

“You better explain it clearly to me ……”

Kai handed the girl in his arms to a guard and said “Settle her down ……”

The guard took the girl but didn’t dare to move, the Ikh Demon Emperor gave a wink and the guard hurriedly carried the girl away!

The owner of the house, Hu, saw this, but his brow was furrowed, for a moment he was a bit confused, he did not understand what status Kai, such a hairy boy, had, how dare he reprimand the Ichthus demon emperor!

The demon emperor brought Kai out of the courtyard, then found a secluded place and said with a shameful face, “Hall Master, this man is the Jade Tripod Sect’s Sovereign Hu, a senior pill master.

“Jade Tripod Sect?” Kai frowned, he didn’t expect this guy to be the master of that Zhang Bei and Wu Feiyu!

With such a master, it seemed that that Wu Feiyu and Zhang Bei were no better!

“Hall Master doesn’t know about the Jade Tripod Sect, this Jade Tripod Sect is ……”

“No need to introduce yourself to me, could it be that you, being a Demon Emperor, are still afraid of this Jade Tripod Sect? Do you need to be so lowly?”

Not waiting for Demon Emperor Yih to finish, Kai waved his hand and said!

“Of course I’m not afraid, if we were to fight, this Demon Emperor City of mine would be able to wipe out the Jade Tripod Sect in a minute.”

The Ichthus Demon Emperor said!

“Then you still allow him to run amok in your Imperial City and you do nothing to stop it?”

Kai asked in exasperation!

Since the Yih Demon Emperor’s power was so much greater than that Yuding Clan, was there still a need to be so afraid of that Yuding Clan?

Hearing Kai’s words, the Ichthus Demon Emperor could only sigh and said, “Hall Master doesn’t know, although I can destroy the Jade Tripod Sect in a minute, but I can’t do it, you also know that our beast tribe doesn’t have medicine masters, empty of medicinal herbs resources, but there is no way to refine them into pills!”

“Our pills are all made with the help of human pill refiners, and since the human and beast races have been living in peace for hundreds of years in the Celestial Human Realm, no one would dare to break this balance!”

“If I rashly strike against the Jade Tripod Sect and wipe it out, there will be no more pill refiners refining pills for us from now on, and there’s also the possibility that these human sects will join forces with the other beast demon emperors and demon kings and wipe out this Demon Emperor City of mine!”

“Many of the other beast race imperial cities and kings are eyeing me and want to replace me!”

Demon Emperor Yih sighed as he spoke, it looked like he wasn’t having an easy time being the Demon Emperor either!

And Kai began to fall into silence as he listened to the Ikh Demon Emperor’s words, he didn’t think that the Celestial Realm would be so complicated, even though this Ikh Demon Emperor’s strength was higher than that Jade Tripod Sect, he actually had to be respectful!

“Could it be that none of your beast clan has become pill masters?”

Kai was puzzled as to why the Beast Clan couldn’t become pill masters, after all, pill refining wasn’t a profound art and wasn’t that difficult to learn!


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