A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2562

The people of Boulder Village looked at the dead man in the middle of the square and were all grief-stricken, but there was nothing they could do but return to their respective homes!

“Yun’er, are you all right?”

The old lady asked in a hurry after Yun’er returned home!

“Grandma, I’m fine, but …… but Uncle Liu was killed alive by them ……”

Yun’er said, and burst into tears!

“It’s good that you’re okay, ever since that Kai came to Bashi Village, I knew that Bashi Village wouldn’t be peaceful anymore!”

“That bow and arrow, you must hide it well, don’t let anyone see it ……”

The old woman barked at Yun’er!

“Grandma, I know.”

Yun’er nodded!

All over Boulder Village, fear gripped the village, for no one knew who would be the next to be killed!

They could only hope that Ally would soon get Kai back!

But at that moment, Kai was still quietly recovering in Demon Emperor City, unaware of what had happened to Bashi Village!

If Kai had known, he would have rushed back without hesitation!

After all, the villagers of Bashi Village had treated him well, not to mention the fact that they had saved his life!

Three days later, all the pills in the entire Demon Emperor City had been consumed by Kai, but Kai’s strength had not fully recovered, only about 70%, this body of Kai’s was too perverted, the further back he went the more resources he consumed the date was immense!

If Emperor Yih had known that Kai had consumed all the pills in the entire Demon Emperor City and still hadn’t been able to fully recover, he would probably be shocked to the point of his jaw dropping!

However, with Kai’s current strength, as long as he did not encounter an expert above the Combined Body realm, he would have no problem defending himself.

After three whole days of cultivation, Kai walked out of his room and wanted to move around a bit!

“Mr. Chen ……”

Just as Kai walked out of his room, Elder Pei instantly greeted him!

It turned out that this Elder Pei had been guarding the entrance, and as long as Kai needed anything, Elder Pei would be the first to meet it!

After all, this was an order from the Ichthus Demon Emperor himself, so Elder Pei did not dare to be sloppy!

“Elder Pei? What are you doing here?”

Kai felt a little surprised to see Elder Pei outside the door, he thought that Elder Pei was here to find himself!

“Mr. Chen, the Demon Emperor asked me to be here to guard and serve Mr. Chen, afraid that you might need something.”

“I don’t know what Mr. Chen wants? Just give an order!”

Elder Pei asked cautiously!

“I’m just a bit bored and thought I’d take a casual walk ……”

Kai smiled faintly “Go about your business ……”

“Mr. Chen, you’re not familiar with this place, it’s better for me to show you around!”

Elder Pei didn’t dare to leave, the Demon Emperor’s orders were for him to guard Kai here!

“It’s fine ……”

Kai nodded, after all, Kai wasn’t familiar with the Imperial City either, if he ran into someone checking up on him, it would be trouble!

Elder Pei took Kai around the entire Imperial City and acted as a tour guide, explaining the history of the Imperial City to Kai!

Listening to Elder Pei’s explanation, Kai realised that the Imperial City had been in existence for thousands of years, and that by the time the Ichthus Demon Emperor arrived, it was already the fourth generation!

But just as Elder Pei was leading Kai to the back garden, looking at the beautiful scenery around him, suddenly a scream came from a courtyard, accompanied by the cries of a girl!

Hearing this sound, Kai frowned and was about to follow the sound, while Elder Pei’s face turned a bit ugly after hearing this sound, but stopped Kai and said, “Mr. Chen, this is a guest of honor invited by the Demon Emperor, we should not disturb it!”

Elder Pei knew that the person living there was the Jade Tripod Sect’s Patriarch Hu, so he didn’t want Kai to disturb him!

“VIPs?” Kai’s face looked a little ugly “What kind of VIP is this, abusing a girl like this?”

As Kai listened to the girl’s screams, he knew that the girl was being abused inhumanely!


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