A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2561

Faced with countless pills, Kai ran his Heart Condensation Skill and began to recover his strength, and the Heart Returning Pill that Princess Isha had given him was swallowed by Kai in one gulp!

While Kai was recovering his strength in Demon Emperor City, the villagers of Bashi Village were all living in deep water!

At this moment, in the square of Bashi Village, a villager was being severely taught a lesson by Zhang Bei with a whip!

Many people around were watching, but none of them dared to make a sound!

Looking at the beaten villager, who was already a bloody mess, Yun’s eyes burst with anger, but he didn’t dare to let it out!

Because he knew that if he expressed his displeasure, Zhang Bei and Wu Feiyu would slaughter the villagers!

After all, in the eyes of the sect’s disciples, these countryside villagers were untouchables and could not be compared to them at all!

“Sister Yun’er, if this continues, Uncle Liu will be killed alive ……”

Pillar whispered at Yun’er’s side!

Yun’er didn’t make a sound, she only hoped that Ah Li could find Kai quickly, because Zhang Bei and Wu Fei Yu were here to find Kai, as long as Kai didn’t show up, these two people wouldn’t leave the village!

“It’s good to be alert when we return to the village ……”

Yun’er said with a sigh!

They were sent back then by Lang Feng, who left without entering the village, and Ali and the others walked into the village unsuspecting!

As a result, at that time, Zhang Bei and Wu Fei Yu were already inside the village inquiring about Kai’s whereabouts!

When Zhang Bei and Wu Fei Yu saw Ah Li and his men, they immediately arrested them and asked them about Kai’s identity!

After finding out that Kai had been separated from Li and that the crane grass was on Kai’s body, Wu Fei Yu sent Li to find Kai and warned him that as long as Li could not find Kai, they would kill a man in Bashi Village!

Today, it was already evening and they hadn’t seen Ah Li bring Kai back, so Zhang Bei and Wu Fei Yu started beating the villagers in the Dashi village square in public, they wanted to beat someone to death alive as a deterrent to others.

Faced with Zhang Bei and Wu Fei Yu, the villagers of Bashi Village could only dare to speak out in anger, for if they pissed off the two men, they feared that Bashi Village would be slaughtered!

Slowly, the villager who was beaten had no more business, and in the end, he simply lost his breath of life!

Seeing that the man was killed, Zhang Biao stopped and then looked at the many villagers of Bashi Village and said, “I tell you, today is only the first day, as long as we don’t find the one called Kai, you will still die, until all the people of Bashi Village are dead!”

The people of Baishi Village all looked at Zhang Bei angrily, some of them were trembling slightly because of their extreme anger!

“Divine Doctor Zhang, Ah Li has already gone to find that Kai, we will definitely bring him to you, calm down ……”

“I have ordered someone to prepare a banquet, please also have a few drinks with your senior brother and rest early!”

The old village chief stepped forward and said to that Zhang Biao with a face full of respect!

Once he heard that the food and wine had been prepared, Zhang Bill dropped the whip in his hand and then looked at Wu Feiyu and said “Senior brother, let’s both go and have a drink ……”

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re getting into.

The old village chief nodded and smiled, but when he looked at the bodies of the villagers killed alive on the ground, a flash of sadness passed through the old village chief’s eyes, but he could not show it!

In order to be able to save more villagers, the old village chief could only serve Zhang Bei and the others.

“All disperse, go home and eat ……”

The old village chief waved his hand and told all the people to disperse!

He was afraid that someone wouldn’t be able to control their emotions and make a move on Zhang Bei and Wu Feiyu, then the whole Bashi village wouldn’t be one person dead!

In this celestial realm where the weak eat the strong, the villagers at the bottom are worse than dogs and pigs!


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