A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2560

Kai wanted to know the strength of the Ichthus Demon Emperor in the Celestial Realm, if he could reach top strength and sweep through the Celestial Realm, then Kai would not need to regain his strength and could completely take the Ichthus Demon Emperor and head to the Fire Burning Sect to save the Alchemy Patriarch!

The other thing was to search for Su Yuqi and the girls’ whereabouts in the Celestial Realm, Kai had been worried about Su Yuqi and the girls!

Hearing Kai’s words, Demon Emperor Yih looked a little embarrassed and let out a bitter smile, “Hall Master, not to mention in the Celestial Human Realm, even among the Three Emperors and Four Kings of our Beast Race, I am not considered to be at the top.”

“However, if Hall Master has something to do, I will definitely do my best, even if it means sacrificing my entire Imperial City’s people!”

“Right now, in the entire Celestial Human Realm, there are three races, but many of the Demon Race are hiding in the shadows, only the Human Race and our Beast Race are active all the time, although my strength is not much in the Celestial Human Realm, but if someone wants to destroy my Imperial City, they will have to weigh it up.”

Ihe Demon Emperor expressed his loyalty, while Kai waved his hand “That is not necessary, I have nothing to do now.”

Kai believed that Emperor Yih would be loyal, but Kai could not let Emperor Yih and his people all die for him!

“Hall Master, you are seriously injured and have not fully recovered, I still have some pills here in the Imperial City that can help Hall Master recover, and I have also invited a top medicinal master, so he can also help Hall Master with his medical treatment!”

Yih Demon Emperor said to Kai!

“No need, as long as I’m recovering some strength I’ll be fine!”

“You must not tell anyone else about my identity!”

Kai barked at the Ikh Demon Emperor!

“Don’t worry, Hall Master, my subordinate will not tell!” Demon Emperor Yih assured!

Kai nodded as Demon Emperor Yih slowly exited the room!

At this moment, Princess Isha and Elder Pei were waiting outside!

When she saw Emperor Yih’s demon come out, Princess Isha hurriedly greeted her “Father, what did you do to Kai?”

“I didn’t do anything, Mr. Chen is fine.” After saying this, Emperor Yih said, he then looked at Elder Pei and said, “Elder Pei, from now on, you will be responsible for Mr. Chen’s food and living, and bring over all the pills in the Imperial City, whatever Mr. Chen needs, it must be met!”

“As you command!” Elder Pei was full of surprise, but he still took orders!

He didn’t understand what was wrong with Emperor Yih’s Demon, he would treat Kai with such respect, and he even said Mr. Chen in the same breath, even when treating that Patriarch Hu, Emperor Yih’s Demon had never had such an attitude!

Sending all the pills in the Imperial City to his door, and meeting all the requirements, Elder Pei had never seen such treatment in all his years!

Princess Isha was also a little dumbfounded, not understanding how her own father could treat Kai so well!

“Father, what is going on here? And why is that Kai’s body able to have both human and divine beast auras?”

Princess Isha asked!

“Isha, I tell you, Chen is the true body of the Golden Dragon, anything can happen to him, but you are not equal to him, you must not play with fire and go against the will of Heaven.”

“In a while I will go to Ming Li King City to propose a marriage to you, if our two families join in marriage, in the whole beast race, our family’s power will be raised by a lot!”

Ikh Demon Emperor said.

“Dad, I said, I won’t marry anyone, don’t force me ……”

Princess Isha ran away in anger!

And Princess Yih looked at her daughter’s back and sighed helplessly “This girl, why does she like humans?”

“Demon Emperor, this Mr. Chen, is he really a descendant of the dragon race?”

Elder Pei asked curiously.

But Demon Emperor Yih gave Elder Pei a cold look and said “Don’t ask what you shouldn’t ask, don’t you understand this rule?”

“I know I’m wrong ……”

Elder Pei hurriedly lowered his head!

The Ikh Demon Emperor left, while Elder Pei ordered people to bring a large amount of pills from the Imperial City to Kai’s room, and treated Kai with respect, and whenever Kai wanted to go again, he would go to meet it unconditionally!


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